The ‘Ville’s Hottest 10

Australia Day is also a great opportunity to blast some Townsville talent as you sit in the pool, throwing snags and a XXXX down your gullet. I present to you, in alphabetical order: Townsville’s 2017 Hottest 10!

If you’re anything like me, you spent months deliberating over your shortlist for Triple J’s Hottest 100 – a countdown that has grown synonymous with Australia Day, celebrating the best in Australian and international alternative music.

But what will you be listening to after the Hottest 100? Australia Day is also a great opportunity to blast some Townsville talent as you sit in the pool, throwing snags and a XXXX down your gullet. I present to you, in alphabetical order: Townsville’s 2017 Hottest 10!

1. Amy Zaghini
Her brand new single, Malibu, was released before Christmas, and is just as addictive as her previous poppy tracks. If you’re looking to keep the party going on Friday to cure your Australia Day hangover, you can catch Amy playing at the Riverview Tavern from 8pm on January 27.


2. Dan Baker
Dan’s voice belongs on some blockbuster movie soundtrack. It’s so raw, deep, honest, and the last time I saw him play live there were more than a few goosebumps rippling through the audience. After some time off nursing a broken finger last year, Dan jumped straight back into things at the Townsville Cultural Festival and Neighbourhood Music Festival – keep an eye on his page for upcoming gigs!


3. Crossroads
If you don’t dance at a Crossroads gig, then you may not have a pulse. Every song is full of energy and laughs, and that’s exactly what we got out of the music video for One Foot released at the end of last year! Plans for a 2017 tour already seem to be well underway, so make sure you keep checking in with these rockers!


4.  Jacob Long
We’re sure it’s hard being a rockstar and a dad at the same time, but Jacob makes it look easy. After releasing his Treading Water EP and Sugar music video, we can’t wait to see what Jacob has planned next!


5. Jade Holland
Honestly, where do we start? If she’s not singing her heart out, she’s on TV telling the world how great Townsville is. Jade’s at the Country Music Festival in Tamworth at the moment, with a guitar case full of award nominations, and is set to release a new single in February. So stay posted!


6. King Social
This lovable bunch of misfits won the ears and hearts across the country when hey appeared on national TV in 2016 and they haven’t stopped since. They rakied in a record amount in their debut album crowd funding campaign, have been touring extensively and are now only months away from releasing their LP.


7. Mark Hillman
An avid believer in the power of music to evoke emotions, Mark is a well-established local performer and busker. With songs full of soul and rhythm, Mark has the perfect relaxing tunes for a day in the hammock.


8. Mezzy feat. Dubbstone
Their video went viral locally last year, and for good reason – watch out for what’s next for local hip hop up-and-comers!

[OneChop-INYOURFACE] TownzMillionaire (Mixtape) – Mezzy Feat. Dubbzone [Music Video]!!!!!!!!

Posted by Nima Doost on Friday, 21 October 2016


9. Nicole Cross
They say there’s no place like home, and that’s what Nicole found last year, moving back to Townsville after just one year away. Each of Nicole’s songs has its own story: from travelling New Zealand, battling mental illness, and of course farewelling her hometown. After hearing a song once, you’ll want to put it on repeat and sing along.


10. Sam Wright
Never trusted horses? This is the artist for you. Sam’s music is quirky, laid back and addictive all at the same time. Sam will be off to Japan soon, performing a Valentine’s Day gig with Nicole Cross in Hakuba – but you will be sure to see him performing or helping out at the next local Neighbourhood Sessions.


What other Townsville acts would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments – and have a ripper Australia Day!


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