Romance wrapped in a science blanket

Imagine we all live in world that is part of a multiverse, in which at any given moment several different outcomes can exist simultaneously. Constellations ingeniously puts this theory on stage.

Lovers often say fate brought them together, and fate doesn’t get much credit after that. But in Constellations, by hot young British playwright Nick Payne, every moment Roland and Marianne share is at the mercy of the infinite and unknowable universe.

The odds of Roland – a beekeeper – and Marianne – a quantum physicist – getting together are astronomical; but when their worlds do collide, they keep on colliding, as all the possibilities of their life together flicker across the stage in a series of intricately-structured snapshots, from first date to farewell.

Constellations has played to packed houses and rave reviews in New York and London and is set to hit Townsville’s Riverway Arts Centre with a Big Bang! Queensland Theatre invigorates this international hit with an imaginative new production with Queensland-born and National Artistic Team member, Lucas Stibbard as Roland, and well-known Australian television star, Jessica Tovey as Marianne. Joining them for this next generation love story will be a team of Queensland’s best young talent, led by contemporary theatre director and performance artist and National Artistic Team member, Kat Henry.

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