Giving in to Jade

After a cracking start to 2017 – which included being named a Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist and crowned Most Promising Future Star at the People’s Choice Awards in Tamworth – Jade Holland shows no signs of slowing down.

The North Queensland country music artist has now released Give in to Me, the final single off her debut album Leather & Les Paul, and launched the track’s music video at an exclusive HUXLEY Presents: event last week.

We sat down with Jade between sets to learn what Give in to Me means to her, and what she’s got in store next.  

Can you describe Give in to Me for people who haven’t heard it before?
Give in to Me is like that flirtatious song! You like them, they like you, but no one’s giving in just yet. It’s about the game! It’s all about the rush, the lust, and the excitement of something new.

The new video is quite different from what we’ve seen from you in the past. What inspired the change of direction and how did it feel?
I felt like I just wanted to let the song speak for itself this time – it’s just a such big song and sometimes keeping things simple is so effective. I figured with this clip, let’s go back to the keeping it simple rule. I wanted it to be sexy without pushing the boundaries too far, I wanted it to be grungy and edgy and I think [producer] Maddy absolutely nailed bringing my ideas to life!

This is the second time you’ve shot a clip with Maddy Voinea – what is it that you like about Maddy’s style? 
I love Maddy, it’s no secret! He is incredible at what he does, he’s so fun on set and easy to work with. I think when it comes to producers in general, whether it be in the recording studio or filming a music clip, it’s really important to be comfortable. Maddy doesn’t stress, he has great ideas and always gets the best angles!

The release of Give in to Me rounds out the Leather & Les Paul album. What’s next?
Whats next? Secret … haha … I’ve actually got a number of shows booked down south which is really exciting! I am starting to work on writing the new album and working on more collaborations! I think it’s going to be a big year, and I can’t wait!

Give in to Me is the fourth and final single off Jade Holland’s debut album, Leather & Les Paul. Buy the album here, and check out Jade’s other music videos on Youtube.

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