Townsville’s Dark Allure

Wearable Art Exhibition 'Dark Allure' will open at Perc Tucker Gallery on 5 Mach 2017 IMAGE: A piece from the 'Dark Allure' Exhibit

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery will showcase unique pieces by local artists Sabine Carter and Jeanette Hutchinson with the official launch of Dark Allure this Sunday, 5 March.

The small wearable art exhibit will feature alongside existing national and international exhibitions at the gallery, Awesome Achievers and IndoPop

Sabine said her foray into wearable art began a few years ago when she decided to move away from the computer screen and use her creative energy to make something tangible.

Six years ago I had started to change my wardrobe to 100% preloved clothing and I decided that the designs I would create would all be made out of reclaimed materials,” said Sabine.

“I started exploring and soon discovered that there was a lot of waste out there that could be turned into something wonderful. I turned glass bottles into drinking glasses, parachutes into ball gowns, rope into bowls, kites into bags and wire into necklaces. But one material stood out from all of them: bicycle inner tube made of black rubber.

“I love the versatility, the lightness of the material and how easy it is to work with.   Last year I decided to just concentrate on inner tube and worked on a jewellery collection.

When Sabine was invited to exhibit her work at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, she seized the opportunity to further explore this amazing material and try out new designs and techniques.

“I had only seven weeks to get the exhibition together and decided to ask a fellow artist [Jeanette Hutchinson] to join me,” said Sabine.

Jeanette said the pieces contained in the exhibition might surprise some viewers.

Sabine Carter has used the invitation to exhibit at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery as an opportunity to further her designs with bicycle inner tubes.

“I see that fashion is a lot like art, in that it crosses time and form, and has so many styles. My art is ambiguous in that it’s a little confrontational – using bones of animals and things you wouldn’t normally expect,” said Jeanette.

“A lot of my extended family have been involved in racing horses and things like that, so we’ve always had a close connection with animals. I just think they tell a story about the current state of the world – these things that are beautiful, becoming extinct. That’s another reason why I want to replicate them, because there is a danger these animals could become extinct too. My work is sometimes an ode to a disappearing world.

“I’ve been making wearable art for the last 30 or so years, since I was at Art School in Melbourne. I grew up in St Kilda, which was the epicentre of post-punk Australia at the time, and right next door to the Crystal Ballroom, where musicians like Nick Cave and bands like The Models first played. I’ve never stopped creating art since.

Together, Sabine and Jeanette have created and collated a unique display of innovation and intricacy that it sure to capture the eye and imagination of those who see it.

Catch Dark Allure‘s official launch at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this Sunday, 5 March from 11am.


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  • Really looking forward to seeing this. I wasn’t able to make it to the opening unfortunately but will pop in!

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