Two Minutes with Mezzy

Townsville hip-hop artists Mezzy is looking to bring new opportunities to regional artists

Townsville-based hip-hop artist Mezzy has been nurturing a passion for his craft since his high school days.

Through sheer determination Mezzy has been able to overcome the tyranny of distance faced by all regional artists, forging opportunities to open for Bliss n Eso, Pegs, Outlaws and Bone Thugs N Harmony, to name a few.

Now, Mezzy is out to bridge the gap for other regional artists. He and his crew are working on bringing a range of hip-hop workshops to Townsville, giving local artists the chance to work alongside some of the best beatboxers, authors and poets in the world.

Mezzy, tell us about yourself?
I am a Persian Australian raised in Townsville. My background as far as music goes is independent. I respect innovation over imitation. Hip-hop has been a part of my life since my younger days. Without it I doubt I would have been who I am today.

Why hip-hop?
Why not!! Hip-hop is a very expressive and emotive format. It’s emancipating and liberating. As a fan, it’s accessible and relatable. As a lyricist, hip-hop opens up possibilities that are limitless in terms of self-expression and creativity.

Who is your muse?
My muse is music. She inspires me and provokes me. She slows me down to think before I speak and speaks to me before I think. The world is full of interesting and thought provoking people and places. Of course, there are strong and influential women in my life who are a constant source of motivation and inspiration which keeps me grounded in positivity.

What’s your biggest claim to fame?
Fame is fleeting and finite I have never made music for that reason. I’m just happy to see people enjoy what I do as much as I enjoy doing it.

What’s the best performance experience you’ve had?
I guess the thing I get most amazed by is seeing the audience singing along to songs that are unreleased. It’s a trip cos I know the only way they know the lyrics is by really listening. It’s a humbling feeling to know people relate to what I say.

What’s your end goal?
There is no end goal per say, just the motivation to do better and make good music that’s sincere and true to my roots.

Stay tuned for more from Mezzy, as he plans to release new work later in the year.

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