Comedy Roadshow’s Designated Driver

Funny man Dave Callan will MC this year's Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow when it stops in Townsville

The Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow will make its annual pit stop in Townsville this April, and taking the designated driver seat as MC is TV star, radio jock and stand-up legend, Dave Callan.

We caught up Dave for a quick-fire Q&A:

What’s it like to step onto a stage with 1,000+ people waiting for you to “be funny”?
By the time you are playing to 1,000+ people you should have the skills to make it work no matter what. We start in small rooms doing 5 mins then build up audience sizes and the length of our sets. Even though we don’t enjoy them at the time it’s the gigs that are tough or that we flop at that forge us and make us bulletproof.

How does the stand-up experience differ from your work in TV and radio?
Stand up has way more variables. It can go either way and the feedback is very instant. It also has more atmosphere than TV or radio which is very contained. There’s a danger and immediacy about performing comedy live which is very compelling and entertaining.

You’re MC-ing the Roadshow in Townsville; does that change your material?
It doesn’t really change my material, I might engage with people or talk about things I’ve noticed around town but other than that I’ll be doing a usual roadshow host spot.

What’s your advice for young comedians just starting out?
Be nice to everyone and get as much stage time as you can. Take risks, write as much as you can and have fun. Do it for the love of hearing laughter not money or profile

Dave Callan will join fellow funny-folk Andy Saunders, Carl Donnelly (UK). Daniel Fernandez (India) and Sharul Channa (Singapore) at The Townsville Civic Theatre on 29 & 30 April 2017.

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