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'From the Collection' will run at Gallery 48 on the Strand from 4 March IMAGE: 'Poetry of the Air' (detail), Marjorie Lord

You could be forgiven for having walked straight past Gallery 48 on The Strand.

Tucked at the base of a beautiful old building and masked by the branches of an overhanging frangipani tree, the gallery is an unassuming wallflower and The Strand the belle of the ball. But if you can tear your eyes from the Coral Sea and stray just off the well-beaten path into Gallery 48, you’ll be glad you did.

Throughout March and April, the quaint little space will host owner Anne Lord’s own private collection of art in an exhibition titled From the Collection. The collection includes a number of pieces from Mount Isa artist, Marjorie Lord, who’s exhibition Clayed has been extended at the Mount Isa Regional Gallery twice, due to its popularity.

Marjorie says her pieces – which capture participants muddied in potter’s porcelain clay, photographed and digitally altered – contain an alluring juxtaposition of dark and light.

“It is not necessarily about sadness per se, but finding those deep emotional connections within one’s self. Then contemplating and reflecting on our past memories, our loneliness and past struggles,” said Marjorie.

“Each of my sitters has willingly participated in the process of looking deep inside them to extract out these feelings of adversity. Then I asked them to hold onto these thoughts in prolonged moments of melodramatic poses for the camera. These exaggerated expressions and the visual starkness of the clay has allowed me to create photographic portrait art that is vexatiously encouraging the viewers, like an uninvited guest, to intrude into the private space of the ‘Clayed’.”

From the Collection will be on show at Gallery 48 from 4 March – 29 April 2017.

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