Groovin in your Neighbourhood

Far North Queensland's Greta Stanley will headline March's Neighbourhood Sessions, as well as open Townsville's Groovin the Moo 2017. CREDIT: Glen Saggers/ Threadless Films.

With Groovin the Moo 2017  just around the corner, there’s only a few Fresh Produce artist announcements left. At the beginning of March, Far North Queensland’s Greta Stanley was announced as the Triple J Unearthed artist opening the Townsville leg of the Moo-sic Fest, which comes after she was also announced as headline artist at this month’s Neighbourhood Sessions.

We caught up with Greta to find out what to expect at each of the gigs, and what’s up next for the FNQ songstress. 

The first question of course has to be used to congratulate you after being announced as the Triple J Unearthed Artist opening Townsville’s Groovin the Moo – that must be so exciting! What was it like when they called you up to let you know?

It was a nice surprise, to say the least! Lachie Macara (Triple J Senior Producer and Music News Presenter) called me up and introduced himself, asking me if I knew about GTM, and if I knew anything about the Unearthed competition. I was like “Ummmm yes, and YES!!” He then asked me if I wanted to open for Townsville, and I was like “Oh maybe, I’ll think about it”… Kidding, I said “Wwoowwweee yes please!”

For those people that may have been living under a rock, what should they expect when they watch you perform live?
I usually have a few criers at my live shows, so maybe pack a tissue, but I would say (and hope) they can expect to feel their feelings, the ones that demand to be felt!

We’re lucky enough to have you down here two months in a row, with Neighbourhood Sessions this month and Groovin in April – do you prepare differently for the smaller acoustic gigs?
I’ve been a solo artist for ever and ever, but for Groovin I will have a band with me, so that is a little scary but a lot exciting!! I suppose for intimate gigs like Neighbourhood Sessions, I like to choose my most personal songs because it’s the best kind of environment to play them: to listening ears.

What’s the music scene in Innisfail and Cairns like at the moment? Are there any secret, Neighbourhood-style backyard gigs popping up?
Oh I wish the trend caught on up here, there’s definitely some beautiful houses for it! I had a house concert for my 21st in December, but apart from that, none that I’m aware of! The music scene is awesome though, it’s very “homely” and everyone is friends, or friends of friends, always helping each other out. There’s a really great little network up here and everyone is super supportive of each other, which I think is really important, and great.

Far North Queensland’s Greta Stanley will headline March’s Neighbourhood Sessions, as well as open Townsville’s Groovin the Moo 2017. CREDIT: Glen Saggers/ Threadless Films.

What attracted you to put your name down for Neighbourhood Sessions?
I had seen Sam & Nicole post about it, and it looked so beautiful and intimate. I think it’s a really great thing to have in Townsville, there’s some great music down there.

Can people expect to hear a tune or two that might not have made it online yet?
Ooh, I think I can rustle a few together yup!

And is there any news on the song-writing front? Should we be expecting another EP soon, or even a full album?
Without saying too much, I am very excited about things to come this year, so stay tuned.

What are your plans post-Groovin? Going to wait and see what sort of traction it brings, or do you already have other plans on the horizon?
I’ve been working on some new stuff, and also working on a side project with a great/talented friend of mine (Tristan Barton / DAPTÖ) that’s more electronic and I’m excited about that too! I’ve got a few plans up my sleeve.

Where do you see yourself performing 10 years from now?
In all honesty I haven’t thought that far ahead. I would really love to play some big festivals like Splendour or Woodford in the years to come, but in 10 years, I’ll be 32 by then. I hope wherever I am I’m happy and still writing music, maybe singing to my farm animals and children somewhere on the hills… (or maybe that’s more when I’m 40! haha).

I know the Hottest 100 is old news now, but I’ve got to ask – did you throw a sneaky vote or two in there for yourself?
You know, I actually didn’t vote! I had too many people I wanted to vote for and I had a mini meltdown and couldn’t commit – I’ve never been good at decision making, but I didn’t shortlist myself!

Catch Greta Stanley at Neighbourhood Sessions on Saturday, 25 March (entry is by RSVP and invitation only). Then, see Greta open Groovin the Moo Townsville at Murray Sporting Complex on Sunday, 30 April (grab your tickets here). 

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