Stage Door ready for mind flip

Stage Door Theatre Restaurant's Kevin Wright and Bernadette Smith are ready to launch Time Warp. IMAGE: Supplied.

It’s astounding, its time is fleeting, and it’s coming to Magnetic Island.

Stage Door Theatre Restaurant is set to begin their 2017 show season with a bang, launching the all-new production Time Warp on March 18.

The cabaret show, loosely based on cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will see crazy costumes, singing, a three-course meal, and more than a little audience interaction:  all with the quirky twists that Stage Door duo Bernadette Smith and Kevin Wright have become well-known for.

Stage Door Theatre Restaurant has been a major part of Magnetic Island and Townsville’s entertainment scene since opening in 2005, and is continuing to impress first time and veteran audiences alike.

Stage Door Owner and Entertainer, Bernadette Smith, said Time Warp may share its name with a hit song from the big screen movie, but the show is all original.

“Everything about Time Warp is brand new. We have done the Rocky Horror theme in the past with my previous partner (Phill Stephens), but have a completely new show written by Townsville’s Geoffrey Wright,” said Bernadette.

“Rehearsals are going pretty well so far! We have another rehearsal tonight, fine-tuning the choreography, narration and songs, and can’t wait for March 18.”

Stage Door Theatre Restaurant’s show calendar, available online now, reveals a full year of shows already planned – with one fan favourite making a comeback.

“Rehearsals for our next show won’t start for a while – it’s too many songs to remember on top of Time Warp! Come Fly With Me will begin on July 1, which is a show we’ve done previously, but we have had a lot of people ask when we’ll be bringing it back. The show is set on a plane to heaven in which everyone’s dead – so obviously, we feature songs by dead artists.

“People always have fun and a good laugh at our shows. Nothing is too serious, and they’re quite unique. There’s local venues like the Civic Theatre that get your larger shows, but this is a more intimate cabaret show, where you get up close and can see the whites of their eyes.”

Experience Stage Door Theatre Restaurant’s Time Warp from 18 March. Tickets now available through Ticket Shop Townsville.

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