Abstracting art from Stone

Brenda Stone is painting Townsville with her vibrant abstract pieces. IMAGE: Supplied

From the walls of restaurants, hotels and offices to the coffee tables of private residences and even the phones of the technologically chic, Townsville artist Brenda Stone is leaving no surface unembellished and – whether you know her name or not – chances are you’ve already seen her work.

The artist – whose bubbly personality is as exhilarating as the playful pieces she crafts – has just launched her new online store, and her custom prints, hand-painted cheeseboards and stylish coasters are in high demand.

We caught up with Brenda to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Artwork by Brenda Stone Art

What inspires you?
I am inspired daily by colour combinations I see in first and foremost, our local surroundings. Townsville offers the biggest pool of inspiration for my colour palette choices and design combinations; from the endless possibilities of and depths of the ocean to the bright and often sun-struck landmarks in our view.

I am in love with glass blowing and resins. The shiny polymer, glossy finish of glass and the depths it offers is endless. The transparency of glass and the colours achieved within and with this medium is eye catching. I often watch videos of glass blowing; watching the fluidity of the glass moving and stretching into new forms. I want to achieve this kind of look with my artwork. I do this by experimenting with the glass-like resins and thick glossy paints.

I am always looking at interiors and architect designs also!

How did you get started?
It started way back in school, when I found myself really interested and actually good at art! The teachers throughout the journey really encouraged me and off to uni I went. From humble beginnings, I started selling paintings to friends and family – my mum was my biggest buyer! It definitely took time to become confident and sure as an artist. I have spent the last number of years squeezing my art in and around a day job, but as of recently, I have taken the leap full time and to focus more of my energy and time on my business!

Brenda’s hand-painted cheese boards are proving popular.

Can you describe your artistic process?
Every painting is an experiment with water-based and oil-based mediums. The spontaneous nature of fluid mediums like these, is that they have a mind of their own and will morph into something different from when you started. Their evolving nature is to react with the other paint and create quite impromptu designs, which could never be planned or rehearsed. No painting is the same because of this characteristic. For me, it is exhilarating creating one of a kind pieces that can not be replicated again.

What’s been your biggest highlight as an artist?
Going full-time into my ART BUSINESS! Its a dream come true. I’d hoped and dreamed and prayed for this day to happen – and it has!! The local support is astonishing and Townsville has been behind me all the way!

Where to find Brenda’s work:
On her new e-store, Facebook and Instagram
A Touch of Salt 86 Ogden Street, Townsville
Drill Hall Studio Gallery 27 Mitchell Street, North Ward

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