Chemistry ending the wait

They’re a bit like Louie the fly from the Mortein commercials: even when it seems like you’ve seen the last of them, they make a comeback. And this is a comeback that will see them rocking alongside The Living End.

Townsville band Why Wait have been a part of Townsville’s young music scene for years, with several members coming and going but leaving awesome tunes in their wake. The current lineup of Dylan Russell, Gabriel Stathooles and Stuart Reaston are set to make a triumphant return to the Loona Lounge on April 7 celebrating the release of their second EP, Chemistry.

Why Wait drummer Gabriel Stathooles said that the collaboration involved in Chemistry’s writing process has resulted in an EP the band is proud of.

“I produced the album alongside Dylan (guitar/ vocals) and the combination of two different opinions on how things should sound led to a better final product,” said Gabriel.

Chemistry has a rawer vibe than Disconnected (the band’s first EP), which was a cleaner, polished sound.  There’s more emphasis on capturing the live essence of the songs this time around.  It was more a case of doing things in one take, rather than relying on editing.

Chemicals is probably unanimously one of our favourite songs on the EP, but we didn’t think it was a good title track.  We also didn’t want any one song to become known as the ‘single’ or the main song on the EP as it ended up with Disconnected.”

The launch of Chemistry is the first of many peaks on Why Wait’s rollercoaster in 2017, with the boys gearing up to support ARIA winners The Living End in Townsville and Airlie Beach this weekend.

“We got a phone call from Chris Cheney (Living End guitar/ vocals); he said ‘Dylan and Gabe and whoever your bassist is at the moment, we’re coming through North Queensland and we really need a shit hot support band.’  We said, ‘Well, you know, we’re pretty chockers at the moment but we can probably clear our schedule.’ So we did” (NB: Exaggerated).

This won’t be the first time Why Wait has supported Australian music big guns, after they opened for British India last year.

“I really enjoyed the British India supports we did in Townsville and Mackay last December.  It was good to hang out with a band that has had the success that they’ve had and get that insight into how it happens in the industry.”

Long-time followers of the band may not recognise them these days, with Why Wait alum including Ji Burton and Ashley Baxter having moved on. But when band members are studying degrees and trying to work full-time, these changes are to be expected.

“We’re still on good terms with everyone.  All our past members just wanted different things out of life and had priorities that meant they couldn’t put in 110%.

“At our EP launch, people can expect a good time.  We don’t wanna take it too seriously; we want it to be properly run but it’s all about having a good time and celebrating the release of the EP.  I’m looking forward to having Lost For Ideas on the lineup, it’ll be my first time seeing them.”

As for what’s next for the band:

“I’m always down for writing new stuff, and I ‘d like to play a lot more shows this year, as that’s something we don’t do enough of.  Hopefully, this EP release will get some more attention coming our way and we can use that to do some bigger and better shows, possibly some in different cities.”

Why Wait’s new EP Chemistry was released yesterday, and is available on iTunes, Spotify and BandCamp. Catch the boys supporting The Living End at the Dalrymple Hotel, Townsville on March 24 and at Magnums, Airlie Beach on March 25.

Check out the official launch of Why Wait’s Chemistry EP at The Loona Lounge, Commonwealth Hotel on Friday, 7 April.

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