Jade to rock Ja Delle on Red Carpet

Jade Holland will wear a custom gown by local Ja Delle Designs and bling by Jewellery By Design. IMAGE: Nathan Toll.

2017 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist – and Townsville gal – Jade Holland will rock a custom-made garment by Townsville designer Hester Jarvis when she struts her stuff on the red carpet at the Country Music Channel (CMC) Awards on the Gold Coast tomorrow night (23 March 2017)

Jade – who will walk the CMC Awards’ red carpet for the third consecutive year – said she always liked the opportunity to showcase the talents of other Townsville creatives who, like herself, aren’t afraid to stand out from the pack.

“I don’t like to sit inside a box and be the same as everyone else, so I’m really excited to get out there and strut my stuff and just be original,” said Jade.

“Hester’s the same. I don’t think either of knows how to follow the pack, so we just do our own thing and make a splash. There’s nothing wrong with being different and I’m proud to get in front of Australia’s country fans and prove to them that we’re doing some cutting-edge work in the North.”

Jade Holland will wear a custom gown by local Ja Delle Designs and bling by Jewellery By Design. IMAGE: Nathan Toll.

Holland will wear one of Ms Jarvis’ one-of-a-kind Ja Delle Designs pieces which includes an elegant sequined houndstooth corset and a-symmetrical skirt, layered over a pair of short black shorts, which are fast becoming Jade’s signature look.

“Jade wanted something edgy, long and sexy for the evening,” said Hester.

“I’d already had the corset made and love the fabric, so I thought a high-slit skirt with shorts underneath would show off her legs; plus, later at the after party she can take the skirt off and just wear the shorts to party.

Ms Jarvis said the extra exposure for Ja Delle Designs was a great bonus for giving back where she could.

“It’s going to be amazing, Jade will rock it for me – she looks amazing in everything I’ve put her in so far, so hopefully it will land me some more work.”

This continues Jade’s long-running commitment to representing local designers on the red carpet and in her music videos. In the past, she’s also showcased designs by Kirby M Couture and Bobel the Label; and plans to wear fashions by Peta C Dressmaking at the upcoming Charters Towers Country Music Festival. Jade also regularly sports jewels by the team at Jewellery By Design.

The 2017 CMC Awards will be broadcast live on Foxtel’s Country Music Channel from 7.30pm AEST on Thursday, 23 March, 2017.

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