Townsville’s newest live music venue

Tim Pellegrino, sole booker/promoter, and Tony Carter, venue manager for Molly Malones and Pick & Shovel, will officially open live music venue, The Office on 1 April IMAGE: Mel Bernardin (Studio 21)

Prepare to put in some late nights at The Office, Townsville – a brand new home of live music is headed our way!

The Office is set to open next to Molly Malone’s next month under the guidance of seasoned band Booker/Promoter Tim Pellegrino.

Tim says his vision is to make The Office the go-to destination for touring acts and local bands looking to showcase their own original music.

“We’ve been doing quite a few renovations including re-doing the stage and getting a better house PA capable of catering to touring bands,” said Tim. “Because the PA will be there full-time, it also means we can schedule a lot more locals acts, because we won’t have the added production costs of bringing in a PA for every gig.

“Our capacity is 350, which allows for mid- to high-level touring acts: the kind of bands that are proving hot on Triple J but not selling 1,000-plus tickets in their own right just yet,” Tim said.

“It’ll fill a big gap in Townsville’s market. I’ve waited a long time for someone to do this and now I know that if I don’t put these shows on, they won’t happen.”

Tim said The Office would also host local party nights, with live bands every Friday and Saturday night.

“I think that’s been missing in our live music scene for quite a long time – not bands that play covers, but somewhere for bands to play original live music every week. I’m keen to give local bands a place to play their own stuff and to be a stage for them to pick up some support acts for the bigger guys, too.

“The scene is very focused on the singer/songwriter, but hopefully by providing a place for bands to play regular gigs – regular paid gigs – there’ll be a bit more incentive for for new bands to kick on. It’s all part of my crazy, fucked up scheme. I really want this venue to be the linchpin for live music in Townsville.”

Tim explains that his scheme is to make a North Queensland leg more profitable for touring artists, who often overlook our region due to the tyranny of distance and its associated tour costs.

“I’ve been working with guys in Cairns and Airlie to put North Queensland runs together more easily. If we talk to one another and see shared interests in certain touring acts, then we can pitch our offers to bands at the same time and hopefully make a trip more worthwhile.”

While we were given a little insight into who some of those bands might be, Tim has sworn us to secrecy for the time being. What we can tell you, is that we look forward to clocking in at The Office for some memorable nights around the water cooler!

The Office will open on Saturday, 1 April  with an official Launch Party featuring Odd Mob and guest DJs. The party starts at 10pm, with entry $10 on the door.


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