Dancenorth looks to future

Tomorrow Makers, at the C2 Theatre from May 4-6, will explore the next generation's vision of the future. IMAGE: Amber Haines.

The future is unpredictable. It’s meandering, abrupt and a place of uncertainty. And this unpredictability is exactly what to expect with Dancenorth’s latest offering.

Tomorrow Makers hands choreographic control over to the next generation, asking for their take on what we should expect in the future: the issues, problems, or an image of the world we may be living in.  

Curator and Dancenorth Artistic Director, Kyle Page, said Tomorrow Makers was not only an opportunity to encourage Townsville’s up-and-coming choreographers, but provides them a platform to have their messages heard.

“The world’s changing so quickly, and it’s the voices of the youth and the next generation that we really need to listen to for solving the problems of the future,” Kyle said.

“Even though some of the dancers are only a few years younger than me, it feels as though supporting their voice, their visions and their dream is really the next step creatively and culturally – for the country and the world, that’s where we’re going to find answers to some of the big questions of the current times.

“When I was first starting out, I was given the opportunity to create a work for a company I was working with in Adelaide and that was really pivotal in my decision to pursue a career as a choreographer – so to me it feels like a very vital gift and opportunity to pass that on to our dancers.”

The pieces within Tomorrow Makers were created by the ensemble performing them: Jenni Large, Ashley McLellan, Mason Kelly, Georgia Rudd and Harrison Hall, also featuring a piece by Melbourne’s Paea Leach.

“With Tomorrow Makers, what we wanted to do was give the dancers – who are already extremely creative in their own right and contribute a lot to Dancenorth – their own creative voice. We gave them a curatorial framework that was broad: to investigate tomorrow and what their ideal future would look like, be that through addressing challenges and issues or celebrating the idyllic.”

Catch Dancenorth’s Tomorrow Makers at C2, the Civic Theatre, from May 4-6.  Tickets are now available through the Dancenorth website.

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