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Prepare to laugh one minute, and reach for Kleenex the next – Flickerfest 2017 is on its way to Townsville, with the annual tour stopping at Warrina for the Otto’s Street Food and Flicker Fest on April 22-23. 

This year features a range of the best short films from Australia and around the world, and we just had to share some of the films we’re most excited to see in full!


A comedy directed by Peter Huang, the piece uses dark humour to highlight the harsh reality of how technology-dependent we have become.


There’s no trailer for this online, only the full film. We don’t want to spoil too much, but if you want to watch it in the lead-up, check it out here!

Directed by Australia’s Joshua Dang, this short follows Tia who hasn’t confessed her love of meat to her devout vegan boyfriend (they really love quinoa sushi!). So when he gatecrashes her birthday party, things get more than a little awkward!


Derin Seale is the Director behind some of the most powerful videos for the New Zealand Transport Agency, including Mistakes (above). The Eleven O’clock features Josh Lawson (Anchorman 2The Campaign) and has the potential to be a bit lighter, but still pack a punch: a delusional patient gets confused at a psychiatrist appointment and thinks the roles are reversed. The situation escalates quickly as they both attempt to treat each other, and we’re not sure whether there will be a lot of cringing or laughing involved watching this one!


Ever disagreed with your parents? How about sued them? Directed by Eddy Bell, this short film claims that 8-year-old Raymond is losing future income because of the speed at which the world is crumbling due to global warming – a steady decline contributed to by his parents.


If the above video is anything to go by, Joost Lieuwma’s work shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Paniek introduces us to Marja, who is driving on her day off, before she begins to wonder: did she turn off the gas? Is the house locked? Was a tap left on? (The sad truth is that Marja’s thought process is about the same as ours on a daily basis!).

Flickerfest will leave Townsville in stitches when it takes over the Otto’s Street Food and Flicker Fest on April 22-23. For a full rundown on the Best of Australian Shorts, click hereor for a sneak peek into the Short Laughs Comedy, click here. Tickets available through Townsville Tickets.

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