All artwork great and small

'All Creatures: Great and Small' launches at Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery this Friday, 7 April.

From the most graceful of elephants to the most timid of ants, there are millions of ways to portray animals through art.

Local artists were given free animalistic rein in the next exhibition to launch at Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery, All Creatures: Great and Small, set to open this Friday night.

Gallery owner, Sylvia Ditchburn, said the exhibition features 28 pieces from 22 local artists, many of them regular contributors.

“There are a few regular artists involved, but also a few new ones including some that are new to Townsville – one artist has just moved up from South Australia, but came in to the gallery to see what we offered and was very excited to get involved,” said Sylvia.

“I feel very honoured that artists are prepared to do special works for our shows. Not always, and not all of them, but there are some pieces done specifically for this exhibition. Sometimes artists already have a piece or are working on one that they realise fits in with the exhibition when I decide on a theme.

‘All Creatures: Great and Small’ launches at Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery this Friday, 7 April.

“I’m usually quite puzzled about what the theme of exhibitions should be, but something always springs to mind before it’s too late. I have asked the artists in the past, but All Creatures Great and Small just sprung into my mind for this one. Deciding on a theme comes down to what I think might work, the time of year, and the person who I ask to open it.

“I like to get people involved who have some relation to the theme. For this opening we have Damien Jackson, the Business Manager from the Museum of Tropical Queensland – he’s involved with both the greatest and smallest creatures!

“The theme is kept fairly broad so people have a choice and they’re not subjected to something narrow. This exhibition has quite a range: from flowers with caterpillars on them, to dogs with fleas and cows. It was all up to the artists’ imagination.”

Celebrate the opening of All Creatures: Great and Small at Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery this Friday, April 7 from 6pm. The exhibition will be on display until April 30, with the gallery open Tuesday – Friday 10am – 4pm and Sunday 10am – 1pm.

If you would like to be involved in future exhibitions or would like more information on the gallery, visit Sylvia at 86 Ogden Street, or email


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