Audition or be eaten

NQOMT's Little Shop of Horrors will hold auditions next weekend (14 May), while Townsville Choral Society's Wicked auditions are spread across this weekend. IMAGE: Peter and Michelle S under Creative Commons usage.

Townsville beware: Audrey is getting hungry.

Whether you’re a singer, an actor or a theatre buff, keep your ear to the ground over the next month – auditions for NQOMT’s Little Shop of Horrors are just weeks away.

Little Shop of Horrors screams into the Townsville Civic Theatre from 11-14 October, with auditions to be held on 14 May.

Townsville Choral Society’s Wicked will hold auditions at the start of May too – find the details here!

Alyssa Oliveri will be stepping up to direct Little Shop of Horrors: the first time she has directed a musical of this size. Alyssa said the production would be calling for cast members from a wide age bracket.

“The ‘stage age’ of our ensemble and principal characters will be between 18-70. We’re happy to audition students 15 years and over, however this will have to be done with parental consent – the show is better suited to a mature audience, with some sexual references,” Alyssa said.

Little Shop of Horrors is an explosive sci-fi-horror rock musical, with an incredible 1960s score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. The audience follows Seymour, an orphan who works at a flower shop and falls in love with co-worker Audrey. Things turn a bit gruesome when Seymour comes across a new plant that is hungry for human flesh – and the rest is for you to find out in October.

Alyssa said there were a few key things the directors would be looking for in auditions: “Audrey, our lead female, will require a contrast between the breathy Boston lisp and the Broadway belt required for her songs. Seymour, the lead male, needs to have a contrast between the helpless florist we meet in Act One and the darker side that’s unveiled during Act Two.

“The directors will be looking for the ‘wow factor’ from those who audition – strong characters, preferably with songs and words learnt by heart. Principal characters will be required to learn songs, dialogue and, in the case of the trio, some basic choreography. Our ensemble members will be asked to present one song.”

Ahead of auditions next month, an information night on Little Shop of Horrors will be held at the NQOMT Hall (Gill Park), Pimlico on Sunday, 23 April at 5pm. Auditions will then be held at the Hall on Sunday, 14 May (or Friday if arranged prior). Cast will be finalised by the 27 May.

Catch NQOMT’s Little Shop of Horrors at the Townsville Civic Theatre from 11-14 October. Tickets are available through the Ticketshop.

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