Full Throttle’s dark turn

Todd Barty's 'The Road to Midnight' will be performed by Full Throttle Theatre Company at the Old Courthouse Theatre from 26-30 April. IMAGE: Supplied.

Should theatre be a soothing pastime, or something that changes us? And how much can a fortune cost you?

These are the questions posed in Full Throttle Theatre Company’s latest offering, The Road to Midnight, which opens at The Old Courthouse Theatre tonight.

In a madhouse theatre workshop, an unhinged doctor unleashes a madman to reinvent the artform… The madman becomes ‘the Cashier,’ trapped in a monotonous existence working in a small-town bank. One day he wakes up, inspired by a momentary brush with a beautiful woman, and embarks on a fool’s quest: stealing a fortune to win her love. He abandons his loving family and becomes embroiled in the decadent world of Berlin nightlife!

The production, based on Georg Kaiser’s From Morning to Midnight, is an adaptation by local Director, Todd Barty.

Todd, who usually helms lighter theatre and fractured fairytales, was inspired to take a darker turn with this production by his love of German Expressionism.

“The original play was written in 1912 by one of the founding fathers of German Expressionism,” said Todd.

“Interestingly, it was made into a film in the 1920s and wasn’t wildly released, even in Germany. For a long time it was considered a ‘lost film’ until a copy was found in a film centre in Japan in the late 1950s – so the story itself has a very interesting history.”

The Road to Midnight will mark it’s premiere performance with a late night staging starting at 10.30pm, and due to finish as the clock strikes 12 (or as close to it is as possible).

“The action takes place over the course of the day, with the main character destroyed by midnight after indulging in the decadence of Berlin’s nightlife,”said Todd.

“It’s the worst mid-life crisis ever. The character is trapped in a mundane existence in 1912 when people are only just coming to grips with the post-industraliased world. He has a psychotic break when a beautiful woman’s hand touches his – in her moment of distress, he sees a sign to make a change – I dont want to give too much away,  but we’ll take the audience on a wild adventure with this tale of lust, greed, sex, obsession and transformation.”

The show will also feature artwork by local artist Jeanette Hutchinson and a performance by Burlesque dancers Vivienne and Willow from VaVoom Room.

Catch Full Throttle Theatre Company’s The Road To Midnight at the Old Courthouse Theatre from tonight. The premiere will be at 10:30pm on 26 April,  then 7:30pm nightly from 27-30 April. Tickets available at Full Throttle’s website, or by calling 4721 5433. MA15+ Adult themes, course language, sexual references and themes, scary scenes and atmosphere.

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