Collective celebrates decade

FOUND in Space at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery celebrates 10 years of the RUN Collective, and will be on exhibit until 28 May.

A local group of artists will launch an exhibition celebrating and showcasing the evolution of their art from the past 10 years at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this Saturday.

The RUN Collective began in 2007 when the group rented a studio space in the Bank Court building, dubbed The Cot, where they continued their artistic practice and hosted events up until the closure of the building in 2015.

RUN Collective artist, Shane Troubles, said the lack of shared studio space didn’t stop their creativity.

“We haven’t had a studio space since the building shut down in 2015. We’ve mainly been doing murals and other jobs since then, and for this exhibition had to build most of it in [fellow artist] Clint’s backyard and just make do. We’ll always keep creating stuff but we just don’t have a central hub now, so it’s a bit more disjointed,” Shane said.

“At The Cot, there was a group of us who all chucked money in to have this studio where we could do whatever we wanted. That gave us the capacity to explore a lot of stuff – massive artworks, graffing the walls …. We used to have heaps of mates in bands so we’d get bands to play in there and we’d graff a theme for every gig we had. We’re all into graffiti and art, so just built a community around it in the studio.

“It’s 10 years since RUN Collective started, so this exhibition is kind of just a celebration of that, showing a progression of the art. It’s a timeline, from the start of RUN to our latest stuff.

“Our art style is contemporary graff, with a lot of raw DIY – a lot of works are on found objects and street signs; you’ll never capture what graffiti on the street is like because it’s not on the street. But the attempt is to fit into this format and try to give it that feeling as much as you can in a gallery space.

“More people might see artwork if it’s on the street, but they come to gallery spaces with the intention to look at art and absorb art. So usually we get a decent response and think people enjoy it because it is a bit different to what you usually see.”

Catch the opening of the Run Collective’s FOUND in Space exhibition at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this Saturday at midday, before a special screening at the Brewery from 2pm on 10 years of the Collective. FOUND in Space will be on display until 28 May.

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