Witches and Florists unite

NQOMT's Little Shop of Horrors will hold auditions next weekend (14 May), while Townsville Choral Society's Wicked auditions are spread across this weekend. IMAGE: Peter and Michelle S under Creative Commons usage.

Two musicals in two months: and your chance to get involved will be jammed into the next two weekends.

Wicked and Little Shop of Horrors, the next musical offerings from the Townsville Choral Society and NQOMT respectively, will be the most-anticipated local productions of 2017, and are calling on anyone to get involved – whether you’re a seasoned performer or a theatre newbie.  

Townsville Choral Society’s Wicked flies into the Townsville Civic Theatre from 24 August – 2 September, before NQOMT’s Little Shop of Horrors screams into the Theatre from 11-14 October.

Auditions for each production will be held in the next couple of weeks: Wicked auditions will be held on 6-7 May, and Little Shop of Horrors on 14 May.

Wicked Director Andrew Higgins said those auditioning should be prepared for rigorous rehearsals.

“We are trying to make this a professional show on an amateur budget, so our cast is the key ingredient. The talent here in Townsville is of a high standard, however our lead roles will need to be top notch performers with stamina to last the 10 performances, said Andrew.

Find all the Wicked audition info here!

Little Shop of Horrors Director Alyssa Oliveri said the production’s leads would need to be masters of transition and contrast.

“Audrey, our lead female, will require a contrast between the breathy Boston lisp and the Broadway belt required for her songs. Seymour, the lead male, needs to have a contrast between the helpless florist we meet in Act One and the darker side that’s unveiled during Act Two,” said Alyssa.

Find all the Little Shop of Horrors audition info here!


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