One Simple Idea Helped Claire Bloom

Claire Hampton from The Secret Garden is turning the traditional floristry model on its head with her Daily Delivery concept IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

Beginning as a stallholder at Renegade Handmade Market three years ago, Claire Hampton has grown her business into a daily delivery flower service (with donuts on Wednesdays!). Her mission is to show her customers that there’s more choice in bouquets than orchids, gerberas and lilies.

Your mum was a florist, too. How has that inspired you to do things differently from the traditional model?
I am self-taught and so I think that helps produce a real unstructured and relaxed style, I don’t get caught up on the traditional principles of design. Plus my mum is always on hand to help with anything – she is a real wealth of knowledge and certainly very handy to have only a phone call away!

The Secret Garden sources native flowers and plants from around Australia IMAGE: Supplied.

Where did the idea for your “Daily Florals” concept come from?
Flowers are traditionally associated with an occasion, but screw that, I want to encourage the ‘just because’ flower movement – there is no shame in sending yourself blooms! I offer a set selection of seasonal flowers in three different sized bunches each weekday, the floral combination changes daily and work on a seasonal basis, keeping costs down. I post a picture of the posy-sized bunch to social media and the website the night before so you can see the goods before you order which size you’d like. By keeping blooms seasonal and simple, the price remains affordable and there are no hidden costs, as delivery is included. In the end, simplicity almost always wins.

What do you love most about your work?
Working with blooms is pretty bloody spectacular but also working from home has allowed me flexibility to have my girls with me so we can hang out before they realise how uncool I am. And as cliché as it sounds, I am really honoured when people involve me in their florals, from funerals, to weddings and I have developed friendships with some of my regular customers which is ace.

Claire’s Daily Deliveries are available as the same bouquet in three different sizes IMAGE: Supplied

Why partner flowers with donuts?
Because donuts are life and flowers come a very close second.

How have your previous professions shaped your approach to business?
While at uni, I worked in a call centre so my experience with customer service has definitely contributed to how I approach business. Being a small business owner, I like people to connect with me so they know who they are buying from and what they are supporting.

What is most challenging about your work?
I work from home, so finding a healthy balance between work life and family life is always a challenge, especially in this day and age when business hours are so flexible. Also, in Townsville we don’t have the privilege of an abundance of local growers due to our climate, and I would give anything to wake at 4am every morning and head to the flower markets and hand pick my blooms from local growers; instead, I have developed a real passion for sourcing non-traditional flowers from around Australia to bring here.

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