Arts given centre stage at Town High

Arts workers are invited to showcase their profession to students at Town High this ArtsWeek IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

Townsville State High School is calling for artists to participate in the institution’s annual celebration of creative futures.

ArtsWeek, the brainchild of Townsville State High School’s Head of the Arts, Lisa Vincent, invites creatives from the community to showcase their talent to students and demonstrate that there are careers in the Arts available for those who are passionate.

“The guest artists and performers who come to the school for ArtsWeek are all placed in a particular area of the school during the lunch breaks for the week. The artists work on their own artworks, giving students an opportunity to see, first hand, artists at work,” Lisa said.

“There are also performers, vocalists, instrumental and dramatic presentations. On the Thursday evening, we have a music concert with instrumental and vocal students performing in our school auditorium.

“I started ArtsWeek when I became Head of Department for the Arts, somewhere around 2009. I wanted to promote the Arts within the school and to encourage students to pick the Arts as a subject. I think that the first year I ran it I applied for RADF funding for the project as we had not budgeted for it the year before. Since then we do receive a small budget for the event.”

Each ArtsWeek demonstrator will receive $50 for their contribution.

“There seems to be such a focus on STEM at the moment in schools and I feel so strongly about the importance of developing the idea of creativity and the importance of the Arts in everything we do. It is vital that students get an opportunity to express themselves, their emotions, values, beliefs, and what is happening in their life. It develops them as individuals and they gain a respect for each other and for differing opinions and perspectives.

“Students are able to walk around at lunch breaks and gain more knowledge and understanding of what authentic art workers do for a living and ask any questions they may have. They also have the opportunity to assist with art installations, murals, face painting, chalk drawing and lots more.

“Creativity is the essence required for new and original ideas being turned into reality and is expressed through all areas – in particular, the Arts – which are the core to our culture and to the civilized world. We view and judge past civilizations by the art, music and performances that were developed at that time. It is a means to discover the historical, social, religious, economic, and cultural contexts of a particular time and deepens our understanding of ourselves. Creativity is an invaluable part of our lives and should be promoted at every opportunity!”

ArtsWeek 2017 will be held at Townsville State High School from 5-9 June. This is a private event for the school community only, however artists and performers who wish to showcase should email Lisa or call 4721 8742.

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