Bring It On!

Hamilton Taia and Yasi Schellhorn. Catch Bring It On! at the Townsville Civic Theatre from 8-10 June, with tickets available from the TicketShop. IMAGE: Melissa Ballard

Ready? O-K! 

From front-row teacher’s pets to back-of-the-class jocks, Kirwan State High School will have everyone eager to head back to school with its take on the hit Broadway musical, Bring It On! 

Loosely based on the movie franchise of the same name, audiences can expect a production with brand new music and storyline. Kirwan State High School Head of Acting, Jamie Hunt, said the musical would be one of the most difficult shows the school has ever performed.

“Rhythmically, it is one of the hardest shows we have attempted at Kirwan High; however, the cast has exceeded our expectations. The music is not your run-of-the-mill classic musical style, which the kids have fallen in love with. It has a strong hip-hop and rap sound, however there are ballads dispersed through the narrative,” Jamie said.

“The singing and dancing demands of Bring It On are extraordinary, but the kids are handling the show and doing it justice. We have predominately been focusing on the big cheer squad and hip-hop dances and they are looking amazing. We are also very fortunate to have a group of leads that sound amazing. Maddison Woodfield, who plays the part of Campbell, will also be appearing as a lead vocalist in Creative Generation 2017: a state-wide, televised performance for high school students. The talent across our cohort makes directing the musical much easier.”

Jamie is no stranger to the stage, with a history of both directing and performing.

“This is the sixth show I have directed for Kirwan High, with past productions including All Shook Up (2012), Disco Inferno (2013), The Wedding Singer (2014), Hairspray (2015) and The Wizard of Oz (2016). I have also directed The Pirates of Penzance (2014) for the Townsville Choral Society. I also try to perform in musicals when the opportunity arises (recently in Grease), but my passion is directing.

“Kirwan High musicals are a long-standing tradition within the school community. We receive unwavering support from our Executive Team because the benefits are obvious. Due to the size of our school, we have little shortage of talent and we want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to experience live theatre.

“We could cut costs and perform our shows at school, but for us it is the ‘theatre experience’ and providing students with the chance to work with a professional technical crew and seeing how a theatre functions.”

Abbie Cook and Yasi Schellhorn star in Kirwan High’s production of ‘Bring it On!’ IMAGE: Melissa Ballard

Kirwan High student Kiara Clay will take on the role of Eva, and says audiences can expect a completely different production to what they have seen in the movies.

“The musical is actually closest in plot to the third movie in the franchise, Bring It On: All or Nothing. Even then, there’s still noticeable differences between the movie and the musical; I think the differences make the musical even more worth seeing, because it’s a familiar story with a whole lot of twists to spice it up. I may be biased, but the musical is way funnier,” Kiara said.

“Performing is something I love doing, and it’s absolutely something I’d like to continue out of high school. I usually play the funny, loveable characters, so it’s nice to get some experience with something a little out of my comfort zone through playing Eva.

“I hope what I learn from Eva and Bring It On! will make me a stronger performer, and give me some competitive edge in the professional theatre community if that’s the path I try to take after graduation.

Bring It On! is such a movement heavy show, so going to rehearsals you always know there’s going to be a new physical challenge: whether it’s hip-hop, cheering or attempting a basket-toss for the first time. The show is also incredibly hard vocally, as a lot of the stuff that was pre-recorded in the Broadway show we’ll be performing live, while dancing. It’s a lot of work, but by opening night I’m sure it will be completely worth it as we put on a show completely different to anything Townsville has seen before.”

Bring It On! will cartwheel into the Townsville Civic Theatre from 8-10 June. Tickets are now available through the Ticketshop.


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