Testing the Waters

Luke and Lena Warmwater will bring their cabaret show to the Riverway Arts Centre this Saturday. IMAGE Grant Heaton

Six years since its launch, Townsville’s Riverway Sessions are more of a hit than ever.

This year’s season of five performances begins with Warmwaters this weekend, and concludes with Women in Docs in November.

Warmwaters, touted as a show to suit lovers and haters of folk music, is the brainchild of Brisbane’s Bridget Boyle and David Megarrity. Bridget said that while the characters will be all-business, the performance is a laugh for audiences.

“I like to call Warmwaters a faux-folk act. The act itself is a comedy, but we present as completely serious performers who are taking themselves incredibly seriously,” said Bridget.

“It soon becomes apparent that we don’t really know what we’re doing. These two characters, Luke and Lena Warmwater, really believe their songs are incredibly important and beautiful – but really they’re all about sex and other bodily functions and they don’t realise their own double entendres! It becomes apparent to the audience but the actors never realise.

“Warmwaters came about because I had this idea of performing ‘Dagarets’ – cabarets that are a bit daggy, with really daggy characters. I love folk music but am aware of how inherently daggy it is as a concept, so there was that initial idea and two incredibly daggy characters in Luke and Lena Warmwaters developed out of that.

“The Warmwaters name came from David always wanting to be an earnest folk performer called Luke Warmwater. From there, we decided we would be Lena and Luke Warmwater and it’s kind of ambiguous – the audience don’t know if they’re husband and wife or what’s going on. They seem to have a relationship but it’s rocky, and becomes rockier as the show goes on.

“The show comprises mostly original music written by David with a couple of folk classics thrown in by artists like Lou Reed and Donovan. That’s the genesis and idea for the show – it’s not your average cabaret!”

Whether you love folk music or can’t stand it, you’ll find reason to smile with Luke and Lena Warmwater.

Warmwaters has plans for total world domination. Seriously, we’re looking to take over. The world needs lots and lots of lashings of Warmwaters in their lives, and we’re looking to flood them with it.”

Catch Riverway Sessions #1: Warmwaters at the Riverway Arts Centre on Saturday, 13 May from 7:45pm. Ticket sales close on 11 May for catering purposes, so book now through the Ticketshop.

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