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IMAGE: Narelle Delle Baite Photography

After photographing the 2016 Townsville Fashion Festival and loving it, Narelle Delle Baite of Narelle Delle Baite Photography will return to the event later this month. We stopped Narelle for a brief chat on what to expect and what inspires her in her photography. 

What is your biggest inspiration as a photographer?
Photography is my chosen medium to express myself creatively. When I create an image, I seek to capture that sweet spot where art and life fuse in a moment. There are several areas I source my inspiration. Art is my greatest source of inspiration such as renaissance art and modern art. The masters of photography such as Henri Cartier-Bressen, Elliot Erwitt and Andres Kertez always offer inspiration and my love of travel keeps my eyes fresh.

What is your biggest challenge?
Creating a sustainable career as a Photographer in a somewhat saturated market is my biggest challenge. The photographic industry is constantly changing and evolving with the innovations of new technologies and social media platforms. I feel to be sustainable you need to be flexible and have your hand dipped in a range of pho¬tographic genres, as well as be up to date with the latest new technologies.

 What are you hoping to accomplish from being part of this year’s Townsville Fashion Festival?
I am fortunate to be a part of the Townsville Fashion Festival Team again this year. They are a group of talented and creative people motivated to showcase Townsville Creatives to the highest standard. I hope to contribute and learn as much as I can from the team and the experience.

Townsville Fashion Festival struts back into town 25 – 28 May 2017. Visit www.townsvillefashionfestival.com.au for the full program and tickets.

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