Swan Song for NQ Artist

Cairns' the Aktavist will join Matty Marsupial and MC Heretic supporting P.Smurf when his East Coast tour stops at Molly Malones this Saturday. IMAGE: The Aktavist

After more than seven years on the North Queensland live music scene, beginning in Townsville and now living in Cairns, this weekend’s Rapcity Hip Hop Show at Molly Malones could be The Aktavist’s last performance in the North.

We caught up with The Aktavist to find out what to expect this Saturday night, and what’s next for the hip hop artist. 

You’ve been performing in NQ for a while, but what should audiences expect if they haven’t heard you before?
Audiences should expect a high-energy show with an eclectic mix of heavy boom bap styles, layered with beautiful melodies and relentlessly delivered lyrics echoing the life and times of a poetic son of the North.

You’ll be kicking things off for P.Smurf this weekend, but you’ve supported some other big names over the years too. Have there been any standouts?
Opening for Xzibit and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have definitely been standout international supports. On-shore acts such as Drapht, Phrase, M-Phazes, Mantra and Bliss n Eso have been amazing artists to open for as well, but I’d probably put my favourite live act down to Snob Scrilla. He’s quietened down a bit over the years but I was amping on him so hard when I opened for him at RiverFest in Mackay a bit back; it was unreal to see him in the flesh.

Any plans for another EP or full album soon?
After releasing my first international release commercially through Firestarter Distribution, I’m currently working on my second commercial offering, an LP entitled Naughty by Neitzsche – it’s a great step forward both lyrically and production-wise, and has some great features from across Australia lined up to push into as many ears as possible.

You upload some pretty epic knife skills to Facebook as well – is the goal to one day be a full-time muso, or do you love chef life too?
Chef-ing has always been a part of me, and I do love the knife work haha. But at the end of the day if I could be doing what I love full time I would take that opportunity – I just make sure I’ve taken the smart road of supporting myself with a trade along the way, as there’s certainly periods where I may tone my gigs down to work on albums and can’t really rely as heavily on the artist income. But it’s only moving forward in leaps and bounds, I know in a few years if I can’t quit my day job (which will most likely be a psychologist, as I’m a second-year uni student doing psych) I’ll at least be making enough off of it to continue travelling and showing my art to anyone I can.

What’s next for you after the P.Smurf show this weekend?
The P.Smurf gig will be my last in NQ for quite a while: I’m moving to Melbourne in June to push my music down there as hard as I can and to get into the gig and battling scene, which I’m quite excited about. I’ve definitely gone as far as I can exposure-wise living here, and I do love the place to death, but it’s time to get a larger audience and more opportunities, and Melbourne not only has that in spades, it’s just a great place to be culturally. I can’t wait to see the effect it has on my art and where it goes.

Catch The Aktavist, Matty Marsupial and MC Heretic supporting P.Smurf at the Rapcity Hip Hop Show at Molly Malones this Saturday from 9pm. $20 entry, with all details on the Facebook page

Listen to The Aktavist’s I Am My Environment Personified on all good music services, or order from JB Hi-Fi.

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