Romance writer ready for launch

Local author Sarah Williams is set to release her first published novel, 'The Brothers of Brigadier Station', at Riverway Arts Centre on 9 June. IMAGE: Supplied

Black ties; white lace; your closest friends and family united under one roof. Weddings are the most memorable days of many people’s lives. But for Meghan Flanagan, her special day has a good chance of being remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The Brothers of Brigadier Station by local author Sarah Williams is a romance novel following the story of Meghan as she prepares to marry the man she believes to be the love of her life.

“I dabbled with Women’s fiction previously but this story is the first one I finished to a publishable state. I decided I wanted to write rural romances after doing a workshop at the 2015 Savannah Festival of Stories here in Townsville. Barbara Hannay hosted a How to write a romance workshop and everything she said inspired me,” said Sarah.

“It all just clicked that this was what I wanted to write in that workshop. I outlined this novel that day and over time have slowly changed it and structured it.”

The Brothers of Brigadier Station showcases two iconic North Queensland regions, with the locations adding to the emotion of the drama unfolding.

“I spent time in Julia Creek with friends meeting locals and exploring the region to include it in the novel. But Townsville is a major feature too. My couple climb Castle Hill, walk the Strand and have lunch at the C Bar! This is such a beautiful city and such a contrast to the Outback.”

The Brother’s of Brigadier Station is now available for purchase online.

Catch the joint launch of Sarah Williams’ The Brothers of Brigadier Station and Maggie O’s The Elly Rose Adventures at Riverway Arts Centre from 6:30pm on Friday, 9 June.

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