Blues on the rise in Townsville

The Sunday Arvo Blues Bash takes place on the second and last Sunday each month at the Shamrock Hotel. IMAGE: Sunday Arvo Blues Bash (Facebook)

Whether you’re the next BB King or have never touched a harmonica in your life, the Shamrock Hotel will be worth a visit this Sunday for the venue’s regular Sunday Arvo Blues Bash.

The events, organised by local musicians Adrian Giannini and Juhl Atkinson, are held on the second and last Sundays of each month as an opportunity for both experienced musicians and average Joes to play an instrument and join in.

Adrian said no matter your ability, there is a place for you at the events.

“I love to say the Sunday Arvo Blues Bash is like watching reality TV: you’re not sure what you’re going to get, but can expect amazing local talent – and sometimes talent from further afield, as we’ve even had Andrew Wishart, an X Factor finalist, jump up and sing,” said Adrian.

“If you can play a few chords or blow a harp and don’t mind jumping up with a few experienced musos who can help ease you into the tune, you can get involved. It’s not an open mic; the whole premise is that you get up and jam with others who enjoy playing Blues or you can solo, it’s up to you. We have had some amazing combos get up who have never played with each other before.

“Or if your skills mean you cannot confidently play a musical instrument, you can join the ‘Reapercussionists’ – the audience get to join in with a ready supply of Shakers, Tambourines and other percussion.

“The Sunday Arvo Blues Bash has been going for 12 months now and with support from Regan (the Manager at the Shamrock), Juhl and myself, it will continue. We also hope to get some more guest artists over the coming 12 months as we have in the past with Dillion James from Brisbane and the New Year’s Bash we did with Pop Standen. The idea is to support local artists, especially up-and-comers.

“Juhl and myself have been able to grow the Blues Bash from humble beginnings to what it is now a regular event on the second and last Sunday of every month. A regular ever-growing group of punters and musos, who enjoy local music – in particular Blues and Roots – then throw in the fantastic atmosphere at the Shamrock … so what can I say but an awesome combination.”

Get soulful when the Sunday Arvo Blues Bash returns to the Shamrock Hotel this Sunday from 3.30pm. There will be free pool and music, and the opportunity to join in if you bring an instrument or want to pick up a tambourine.

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