Simmer Down is Piping Hot

After weeks of teasers on their Facebook page, Townsville band King Social has finally dropped a new track today.

Simmer Down is the first glimpse into the five-piece’s first full-length album, titled In Colour, which became the highest crowd-funded debut in Australian music history last year.  

King Social’s hip-hop artist Stevie Mitchell said Simmer Down is a strong representation of the band, and a good indication of what to expect from the rest of In Colour.

Simmer Down, and all the new tracks actually, are more refined than what we’ve done in the past – that’s probably a mix of the great team at The Grove Studios and our own maturity as songwriters and musicians,” Stevie said.

“You’re starting to hear a more collaborative mix of all of our influences in the music; and I also find it more introspective and moody than a lot of our earlier stuff, that was a bit more upbeat and vibrant.”

Simmer Down was based on hip-hop verses Stevie had written that reflect on the impact of alcohol and substance abuse in his own circles; with each of the other band members adding their own take to it.

Front man Angus Milne said the band’s approach to song-writing opens many of their songs to broad interpretation by the listener.

“When I added my lyrics, I took my own meaning from it; and I think everyone will take something different away from Simmer Down; they usually do,” said Angus.

“We’ve put some real emotion into the songs on this album and through that, I feel like we’ve found the soul of King Social.”

Simmer Down will be available for download the week beginning 19 June. In Colour drops worldwide on 3 September, with pre-orders opening on 24 June. Follow King Social on Facebook for release updates.

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