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Townsville export Taryn La Fauci will release her debut album 'Cycling' on 30 June 2017 IMAGE: Nicole Robinson Photography

Townsville-born and raised Taryn La Fauci will return home to launch her independently-released debut album, Cycling, this Thursday. With some incredibly raw emotion poured in to its writing and one of Australian music heavy weights cheering her on, Taryn is well-positioned for success.

Where did the inspiration for Cycling come from?
It’s 10 songs and it was really written, for my mentor and the guy that produced my first EP, Karl Broadie. He died of pancreatic cancer at the beginning of last year; he got diagnosed and within six weeks passed away really quickly and we all kind of banded together and tried to fundraise and get him into treatments, but it’s just so aggressive and so I didn’t even realise I was writing an album. I think – with him being such an amazing songwriter and mentor and friend – I think the only way for me to process him being sick was to write and so it wasn’t until he passed away and a few months later I kind of went back through everything and realised I kind of had an album.

How is this album different from your first EP?
So Cycling, even the title of everything going around was had its place and after the EP I really wanted to write an album that was one piece of work, like a concept album. I grew up and would buy a full album and listen to every song and kind of buy it as a full piece of work. I think at the moment sometimes there’s a tendency to put up singles or stick to EPs, because CDs cost a lot of money, especially when people do big albums. So I had to decide whether I was going to jump in and make it and that’s what I decided to do.

And you chose to use crowd-funding to help bank-roll it; is that right?
Yeah. I did a Pozible campaign at the beginning of last year and my target $4,500 and I got that in like four days; I think we got up to close to $8,000 in the end, and I had so much support from back up North, my parents are both from Tully, so there was so much support back home and that was a dream. I got to pay everybody here and make the album and not have to worry about holding it up due to funds, so yeah it’s been quite a ride, the last few months.

You say you’re much more confident with this release than the EP. How so?
I think I’m more confident in my song writing and how I wanted the album to be. When Karl did the EP with me, I’d only learnt the guitar a year before we wrote those songs and Karl helped a lot with writing and production, whereas this time around I really wanted to write every song and I wanted to play every song on the recordings and I was there when all the studio sessions were happening. Ryan, my producer, was really incredible and we tried lots of things and I was there every step of the way, even when the band put things down. I think that’s the confidence in myself as a songwriter and artist.

Why was it so important for you to be there for every component of recording?
I think being 28 this year and being in Sydney for five years and making these amazing connections with songwriters and seeing how hard everybody works. I think it was important to me just to be able to try something myself and then so that if I ever do more albums with other producers – sometimes you go in and you let somebody else make a lot of decisions for you – and I just wanted to have a go at doing as much as I could myself, just so I could say it was me; it was really my record. And because the content was so sensitive, and really personal, I wanted to have a go.

I hear Shane Nicholson has made an appearance or two along the way. Can you tell me about that?
Shane Nicholson was amazing. He made a huge pledge to the Pozible campaign.

I used to go to the song writing nights and that’s how I met Karl and we become like a real family. Karl was an artist in his own right, but he really mentored young artists and used his name and his platform to promote us. He would go to the song writing sessions and post about each artist who got up. And Shane and Kasey [Chambers] started following my social media account through Karl posting about me. That’s the power of connection; you kind of don’t know what doors will open up.

The album will be out in the world in just a few days. Once it’s released, what is your dream for it?
I think that it just really reaches people. For me, they’re experiences that – I guess we all have really amazing experiences and really hard experiences – and I always think that the really hard experiences make you stronger. For me that’s really what this record is about. It’s not a depressing record even though the content is sad, for me it really shows what one person can do and if anything, to see the impact that Karl had on so many people and not just in Australia it really shows me what music can do. I see it as a gift to me to keep going with my music and my artistry and I hope people find something from that.

Taryn La Fauci will hold an official album launch at That Place on Sturt from 7pm, Thursday 29 June, 2017. Cycling will be available across all digital music retailers from 30 June 2017.

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