Fashionable curve ball

Rowena Burley's fashion label The Elegant Executive Curve offers an affordable luxury range of professional clothing for plus-sized women. IMAGE: Supplied

Townsville fashion designer Rowena Burley is turning the fashion world on its head with her label, The Elegant Executive Curve.

Rowena set out to create a made-to-fit affordable luxury range for plus-size women just 12 months ago and has recently celebrated her label being included on new online shopping platform, Adevee, which promises to take Australia’s plus-size designers global.

While Rowena admits business can sometimes move incredibly slowly, she said her deal with Adevee fell into place easily.

“They said ‘We love what you’re doing, there’s definitely a gap in the market and we think you’d be a really good add-on service to our clients’,” said Rowena “And I said ‘sounds great!’

“The lady who founded Adevee has been an international plus-size model herself, she’s been in the industry for 15 years, so that was a great connection to make.”

Rowena’s drive to do well in business comes from her desire to make a difference in the lives of her customers, her manufacturers, her peers and society at large.

“I didn’t want to build just any fashion brand. We’re socially responsible and support women across four levels.

“Firstly, we’re specifically designed for women with the curvy figure and women who are working. Women who are working are adding to the economy, they’re creating jobs, they’re managing teams, they’re juggling families and I want them to feel comfortable, successful and confident in what they wear.

“Second, I wanted to support Australian made and there’s a lot of women who have beautiful needlework skills, yet 92% of garments sold in Australia are manufactured overseas. So I created iSew Australia, a freelance online market place, where small, independent designers who want to do short-run manufacturing locally… can find someone who’s suitable to make the product for them.

The Elegant Executive Curve also supports other female-lead businesses, by promoting their products alongside Rowena’s own; and a portion of profits from every garment sold is donated to not-for-profits that help under-privileged women to gain financial independence.

“It gives them things like financial independence and the opportunity to make better, safer choices for themselves and for their families,” Rowena said.

Find The Elegant Executive Curve in Townsville at The Textile Collective or online at

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