Because it’s Beethoven, BRO

Gyula ‘Jules’ Cseszko will travel up from Melbourne especially to conduct the Barrier Reef Orchestra's Beethoven Concert at the Civic Theatre this August. IMAGE: Supplied

When the Barrier Reef Orchestra’s (BRO) conductor Mark Shiell benched himself indefinitely due to shoulder injury, the Orchestra was fortunate to fill his shoes in time for their upcoming concert with Melbourne-based conductor Gyula ‘Jules’ Cseszko.

While Jules already has a very full plate, heading up three orchestras in Melbourne, he was willing to adjust his schedule to join BRO in Townsville for one simple reason:

“Because it’s Beethoven.

“I’ve loved Beethoven all of my life and I’ve known this music since I was a young child,” said Jules.

“When I was 4yo [my grandfather] would invite me on a Saturday into his garage and he would have a table and hammer and nails and he’d have the radio on and I would beat the hammer in time to the music; and that was my earliest musical education.”

Jules’ love for Beethoven is due to the relatability of his middle-class struggle, which Jules says will be felt by audiences at BRO’s August concert.

“They can expect the music of a man who had a pretty tough middle-class upbringing, but was one of the greatest creative geniuses of all time. You will hear music both of intellectual and primal sensibilities.

“Living in the classical period, Beethoven learned to write music for a wide audience… When you think of the second movement of his Seventh Symphony – and it’s been used in several films, most recently in The King’s Speech –  that movement was relatable to the soldiers who were in Vienna at the Premiere and they loved it so much that they clapped in order to bring on an encore of that movement. So yes, this music is relatable and it’s enjoyable and it reaches places inside of you that you wouldn’t normally tap into.”

Barrier Reef Orchestra will perform its Beethoven Concert, featuring a solo by the 2016 Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition winner James Dong, at the Townsville Civic Theatre on 19 August 2016. Follow them on Facebook for ticketing info.

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