Artwork off-canvas

(L-R) Sonia Ward and Mavis Webster's pieces form part of the '3D' exhibition opening at the Drill Hall Studio this Friday night.

The majesty of sculpture will take over Townsville a week before the Strand Ephemera launches, with the Drill Hall Studio’s 3D exhibition opening tomorrow night.

Drill Hall Owner Sue Tilley said the exhibition, showcasing artwork of all sizes and styles, features pieces by Drill Hall resident artists as well as newcomers to the gallery.

“This exhibition will include just short of 20 artists, all of which are so different and five of which haven’t shown artwork here before,” Sue said.

“The Ephemera is always a really busy time for us, it’s fantastic. And it’s nice to have that connection – that’s why we decided to do the 3D exhibition now, because it all makes sense. I mean, we could have done it at any time of year but everyone’s in that sculpture headspace I guess – both artists and viewers.

“It also gives artists who may not have made it into the Strand Ephemera a chance to get their artwork out there. So that’s nice. We’ve got everything from steampunk shoes through to steel and stone – it’s pretty diverse.”

Curation of the exhibition will form part of a busy few weeks for Sue, whose Ephemera piece The Gatherings will be installed on the Strand next week.

“I’ve only just come back from holidays, so now it’s full-steam ahead to get everything done. For the Ephemera, Gatherings will be a collection of bodies which I’ve cast using nothing but tape.

“There’s still quite a few people that I have to create for it, because I would like it to be almost like a ‘moment frozen in time’ – so have a girl walking the dog, someone on the swing, and hopefully will have enough made that I can also have a few leading people from the Strand back to the Studio too!”

Catch the opening of 3D by various artists this Friday from 6:30pm at the Drill Hall Studio. Find Sue Tilley’s The Gatherings as part of the Strand Ephemera from 28 July – 6 August beside the C Bar.

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