City’s season of colour

Shane Fitzgerald's 'Sojourn' exhibition will showcase at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts from 21 July - 20 August. IMAGE: 'Benthic Rhythm II' (foreground) by Shane Fitzgerald.

Shane Fitzgerald’s first solo exhibition in Townsville marks the start of a very exciting couple of months: our city is about to come alive with art.

Shane’s Sojourn will officially open this Friday night at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts, and is the first of many new installations opening in Townsville: including the Drill Hall Studio’s 3D exhibition (also opening this Friday), plus the Strand Ephemera and Umbrella’s Pop-Up North Queensland (PUNQ) Festival both launching next Friday.

Shane’s Sojourn comprises a collection of bright, unique Fujiflex prints; photomedia pieces based on Shane’s time in Townsville.

In the exhibition notes, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts Director Jonathan McBurnie spoke of the significance these works have to Townsville.

“Inspired by the specificity of the landscape, these works carry Townsville with them in their fabric, with a visual poetry that is hard to describe,” Jonathan said.

“Considering Fitzgerald’s own enthusiasm for film, it is easy to chart a direct influence on artistic process. The environments created for these narratives are often rich and dense, and have a huge effect on the work itself. Imagine Batman without Gotham City, Colonel Kurtz without Cambodia, or Luke Skywalker without Tatooine.

“Place anchors and gives context, but what of place on its own, stripped of such narrative?”

Sojourn and Ephemera, coincidentally, both mean to stay temporarily – which should be reason enough for you to explore the CBD. Townsville’s cultural events calendar is jam-packed with exciting and unique installations for the next few weeks, providing the perfect opportunity for you to visit a gallery you haven’t stopped into for a while (or perhaps never before).

Catch the opening of Shane Fitzgerald’s Sojourn at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts this Friday from 6pm, with an artist floor talk on Sunday at 10am. For more information on Umbrella Studio exhibitions or the upcoming PUNQ Festival, click here

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