Strand’s Artistic Ap-peel

'Yellow Peril' by Bernadette Boscacci and Sharon Kitching will be one of many artworks colouring the esplanade from next week for the 2017 Strand Ephemera. IMAGE: Yellow Peril (detail), Sharon Kitching

If you have visited the Strand Ephemera in previous years, you will know that not only are the showcased sculptures stunning, but they often also convey significant messages.

Often – but not always.

Sometimes, submitted artwork is merely created for the fun of it or – in the case of Bernadette Boscacci and Sharon Kitching (dubbed Banana Splits) who’ll embellish the beach with a giant banana peel – it is a complete joke.

“The inspiration behind [Banana Splits’ 2017 Ephemera piece] Yellow Peril was completely tongue-in-cheek – we submitted the proposal for the piece as a joke, and it got accepted!” Bernadette said.

“I guess there is the Queensland concept of big fruit – like we have the Big Mango and the Big Pineapple – and the banana peel itself is inspired by some of Sharon’s paintings – there’s a recurring banana peel throughout them as well. Historically, ‘yellow peril’ was American propaganda against the Japanese in WWII, and I guess now that could be contemporised with the threat of a North Korean invasion we’re seeing in the news more now.

“A public artwork one of my past lecturers did in the 70s was hated by a lot of people because it was a large, blocky yellow piece and was dubbed Yellow Peril too – and I guess the last big inspiration behind it is Donald Trump’s hair.”

The artwork is created using a combination of plastic-coated aluminium tubing and copper wire as well as recycled cable casings, and will span 7 metres of the beach. The piece will be Bernadette’s second time collaborating on a sculpture for the Strand Ephemera, after working with Marion Gaemers on a piece in 2011.

“The Ephemera is a great event for Townsville, especially for the local artists who get to showcase their work; it also promotes discussion and brings a lot more life to the Strand this time of year. I know even when I don’t have anything entered in the Ephemera, I still visit to look at the artwork and enjoy the atmosphere.”

Yellow Peril by Bernadette Boscacci and Sharon Kitching (‘Banana Splits’) will be showcased as part of the 2017 Strand Ephemera from 28 July – 6 August. You will be able to find Yellow Peril on the sand in front of Aquarius on the beach. For more information on artwork set to showcase in the Ephemera, click here

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