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Jeremy Romeo is gearing up to release his debut EP 'All You're Meant To Be' this Friday night. IMAGE: Supplied

If you’re a regular on the NQ nightlife scene, Jeremy Romeo‘s name will be all-too familiar to you: the Townsville native can be found creating the soundtrack for people’s weekends everywhere from Crown on Palmer to Ayr’s Kalamia Hotel. 

As well as perfecting a repertoire of covers, Jeremy has been hard at work on a collection of his own original music – and is now set to drop his debut EP, All You’re Meant To Be, in a few short months. We spoke to Jeremy about the recording of his EP, as well as its title track – available on most digital platforms today.

This single and your EP have been in the works for quite a while now – when did the song writing and recording start for you, and how was the whole process?
There’s kind of two answers to this question. I’m always writing new stuff, in fact I wrote All You’re Meant To Be about four years ago and when I went into the studio I picked it up again and decided to see how it would go! As for the recording process, it started in May last year and we hammered out most of the recording in a couple of weeks. Since then, it’s been a lot of editing and adding/subtracting parts from the songs we like and don’t like to get the absolute best possible result. My producer Mick Lockhart at Parkway Studios has done an excellent job and really elevated my songs to a new level!

Can we expect another single or two before the full EP drops? When will the EP itself drop?
Yes for sure! I have a second single here ready to go in another couple of weeks. I’d like to give the first single a bit of time to settle in and then I will definitely be releasing a second single sometime in August. There isn’t a final release date for the full EP just yet, however a digital release will be no later than the end of October.

All You’re Meant to Be really is like a fusion of Sheeran and Urban – is this the sound we can expect from the rest of the EP?
Haha it’s funny because my sound prior to going into the studio was a very poppy Ed Sheeran vibe, but after working with Mick who is a very accomplished country producer you could really feel those country themes come through and it took my songs in a completely new and exciting direction. The EP is a consistent blend of that with one song in particular a little more rock n’ roll. But you guys will hear it all soon enough!

Why did you settle on this as the title track of the EP?
I knew from day dot that this song was going to be the single. While Mick and I were in the studio piecing this song together, he turned to me after we layered a good portion of the guitar tracks together and said to me “this song has single written all over it!” I think its just a very relatable song that everyone can take something from and apply that inspiration into their own life.

What are your biggest inspirations in your songwriting?
My biggest inspirations artist-wise in my music I’d say would have to be blink-182 believe it or not. One of the first albums I ever owned was Dude Ranch and that made me want to pick up a guitar and learn as much as possible.

Outside of artists, my biggest inspirations in my songwriting come from just general personal life experiences. I think a lot of people will find all of my songs very relatable as they all touch base on something we all go through at some point in life.
If people catch one of your live gigs, can they expect to hear previews of other songs off the EP before its release?
Yeah definitely! I will be playing one or two more songs from the EP at my live gigs over the next couple of weeks. I head off to Europe for seven weeks at the end of August so the more opportunities to play some new songs live for everyone before I leave, the better!

All You’re Meant To Be by Jeremy Romeo is now available on Google Play, iTunes, and Triple J Unearthed. Catch Jeremy performing live at Flynn’s Irish Bar this Thursday and Sunday and Crown on Palmer this Saturday, with more gigs at Flynn’s, Crown, the Seaview and Rambutan over the coming weeks.

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