The Koffin Rockers’ Screaming Support

Townsville's The Koffin Rockers will support The Screaming Jets in Townsville and Airlie Beach this weekend. IMAGE Sarah Butcher.

They’ve been threatening to wake the dead with their mix of rock, punk, pop and hillbilly since 2011; and now, with two EPs under their belt and a new LP on the way, Townsville band The Koffin Rockers will play a set of shows most Aussies musos would dream of – supporting The Screaming Jets in Townsville and Airlie Beach this weekend.

The Rockers’ Michael Hegarty tells us how they landed the gig as co-pilots!

How did you come to be supporting The Screaming Jets this weekend?
Hard work….. We performed some shows in Brisbane and I guess the right people heard and saw what we do. It’s great that we have been able to show off what North Queensland has to offer to the South. We have some amazing talent up here.

What was the band’s reaction when you heard you’d got the gig?
We were super excited. It’s a blessing to be sharing the stage with the Jets. One of Australia’s quintessential rock acts. It’s very surreal when you think about it. On the whole I’ve been listen to these guys for 15-plus years and now we get to play a couple of shows with them.

For those who haven’t been to a Koffin Rockers gig before, what should they expect?
I guess you could expect a little hillbilly, a pinch of rockabilly, a smidgen of  punk and a dash of rock. Put all that in a blender and you’ll get Ockabilly, our very own style. Good old Australian music. You’ll see some crazy stuff for our stage show as well. Climbing all over our instruments while trying to play is always a crowd favourite not to mention our irresistible good looks.

Rockabilly seems to be on the rise here in Townsville right now. Why do you think that is?
Yeah it seems to be a style that people can relate to. I guess it makes the ladies feel powerful and beautiful with the pin-up and burlesque stuff, and the guys I guess its the love of cars or maybe its the love of the girls. Who knows. It is cool to see people get involved and have a good time.

What’s next for you guys?
We are hitting the road playing a heap more shows while we work on our first full length album.

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