Umbrella’s Art Saturation

Bruce Reynolds installing his exhibition 'Saturation Point' at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts. Saturation Point, Our Island Home and Prints, Pottery & Impressions open at Umbrella Studio tomorrow at 6pm.

The walls of Umbrella Studio contemporary arts are being transformed, as Australian painter, sculptor and photographer Bruce Reynolds will create an entire exhibition without a canvas.

The internationally-showcased, award-winning artist’s exhibition Saturation Point will launch in Umbrella Studio’s main gallery space tonight, alongside Margaret Crawford’s Prints, Pottery & Impressions and a group exhibition by Magnetic Island’s Julie Stark, Mardi Saker & Michelle McGuinn, Our Island Home.

Bruce said the inspiration behind Saturation Point exhibition began overseas.

“A number of years ago, I was interested in the idea of the colour of lapis lazuli, the colour that comes out of a mountain in Afghanistan and has traditionally been traded between East and West. So that colour, traditionally, is a link along the Silk Road between Western and Eastern culture. I like that idea of one substance linking time and geography,” Bruce said.

“The name Saturation Point has a double meaning, with both the idea of colour reaching its most intense form, and the idea that once one has taken in a lot of information, through history and those sorts of things, you get to a point where you’re full and you actually have to process what you’ve got before you move forward.

“What inspired me to create my artwork directly on the walls here was the pressure of having to be decisive within a short period of time. Artists working in studios always have this luxury of being able to reject or remake works, but the idea of my experiences and exposure to a lot of art around the world and having a great interest in art historically meant there was a big backlog of research and sometimes that can be overwhelming as an artist.

“So the idea of creating work for a particular place and time like that offered by Umbrella Studio is a very attractive way of creating a situation where you have to be decisive and reconcile, through the improvisation, decisiveness and rapid execution of the work.”

Catch the opening of Saturation PointOur Island Home and Prints, Pottery & Impressions at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts this Friday at 6pm, and an artist floor talk with Bruce Reynolds on Saturday at 10am.

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