Pop-Up Horror Show

Pop Up Food Trucks are welcoming cultural additions, with NQOMT performing a preview of their upcoming production 'Little Shop of Horrors' at the food trucks tonight. IMAGE: Pop Up Food Trucks (Facebook)

Food will be served with a side of culture when the Pop Up Food Trucks showcase promotional performances of NQOMT’s upcoming production, Little Shop of Horrors tonight.

Pop Up Food Trucks (PUFT) co-organiser Cliff ‘CK’ Kern said cultural additions were a welcome element at the PUFT events, with local musicians performing at each event, and the Queensland Wrestling Alliance making an appearance last month.

“From the get go, [co-organiser] Jono Pearson and I wanted two things: to utilise parks in Townsville that are often overlooked for these events, and to showcase the best of our city. Townsville has so much culture to offer; we’re blossoming at the moment, from secret feasts to horror shows in the park. It’s such a great time to be involved in the advancement of Townsville,” CK said.

“Townsville’s response to the Food Trucks has been amazing, though we never doubted our city’s love of food! After every event, we’re getting at least three new businesses contacting us to ask how they can get involved. We’re averaging around 4,000 people an event, so we want to thank every single person that comes along and of course the vendors who just love doing what they do so well. Without their culinary abilities, PUFT would be nothing.

“This Friday night, people can expect more food and new tastes. We’ll have great live local music at the TownsvilleRocks.com Kombi, and NQOMT performing demos from their next show! Townsville theatre is buzzing at the moment, and NQOMT are going to blow our socks off with Little Shop of Horrors.”

Little Shop of Horrors Production Manager Sasha Holmes said the talent of the show’s cast was evident through their ability to already be performing promos a month before curtains up.

“I have never been involved in a show where we are rehearsing an entire act as a full run so far away from opening night. This is purely down to the dedication of this cast and the amount of time we have been rehearsing,” said Sasha.

“Little Shop of Horrors is a real mixed bag of topics. It is all based in Skid Row, where you find our lead Seymour working in Mr Mushnik’s flower shop. Seymour is a bit accident-prone but is forever trying to find new plants for the shop. He’s madly in love with the florist Audrey – whom his plant Audrey II is named after. Audrey, however, is in an abusive relationship with the sadist, but very handsome, dentist Orin. The show progresses with Audrey II growing – however as she grows, so does her appetite. This happens to be an appetite for blood, and it has to be fresh!

“It can be performed as a dark show – because let’s face it, we have a murderous man eating plant on stage – but there is an immense amount of humour throughout and I’m sure the audience will be in stitches.

“This show is really one where you will kick yourself if you miss it; I can’t remember having anything like this on the stage in Townsville. We’re super thrilled to be offering such a cult classic show to the patrons of Townsville and the region. It is amazing to hear of stories of people flying up to come and see this show from interstate, and it just goes to show how this murderous plant really is well-loved.”

Catch Little Shop Of Horrors promos throughout the evening at Pop Up Food Trucks Gill Park in Pimlico this Friday night from 5pmLittle Shop of Horrors will take over the Civic Theatre from 11-14 October, with tickets now available from the TicketShop.

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