Luka’s Lessons in Slam Poetry

Spoken word poet and hip-hop artist Luka Lesson will deliver a Performance Poet Skills and Career Development Workshop in Townsville on 22 September 2017 IMAGE: Supplied

Poets and word-lovers will have to opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s best-known slam poets when he visits Townsville this weekend (22-23 September 2017).

Hip-hop artist, best-selling author and spoken word poet, Luka Lesson will conduct The Performance Poet Skills and Career Development Workshop for anyone looking to hone their craft as a writer or performer.

“I’ll be focusing on writing skills – some tools and techniques I’ve picked up over the years – and performance techniques and how to bring it and bring it to life,” said Luka.

“I think the really good think about Australia and the fact that we’re kind of young as a country of spoken word poets is that often I end up engaging in a workshop that is very diverse –from people who just love to write in their 40s and 50s who are looking to extend their skills as writers or as humans, to really young hip-hop or rap fans, to quiet poetry lovers who want to learn to get up and speak.

“I think slam poetry has kind of gained a reputation as a form of protest poetry and I think that’s warranted because a lot of people who feel oppressed, who feel they’re not being heard, who feel that they are not being valued in society, they’re the ones that are drawn to this art form where they can speak out and be heard… Having said that though … There’s different ways to protest: it doesn’t have to be so overt and so didactic and masculine in the way slam poetry has a reputation to be. It can be quiet and still and slow and powerful in its own way.

“I think in a society where we’re told we’re not allowed to express ourselves and we’re often teased for being emotional, even just talking about love on stage can be an act of protest. I think it comes in many forms.”

Luka Lesson will hold The Performance Poet Skills and Career Development Workshop on 23 September. For bookings, go to Also catch Luka Lesson and Kahl Wallis on their Living Artefact Tour at Full Throttle Theatre on 22 September.

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