Grand Final Gigamix

We know we’ve made a couple of song mixes and megamixes before (remember the TC Debbie Dance Mix?), but the incoming NQ-Melbourne showdown is huge (for footy-lovers anyway). Grand Final weekend calls for a gigamix.

The North Queensland Cowboys are in the NRL Grand Final for the second time in three years – a true underdog story, considering they were technically coming ninth at the end of the minor premiership when the playing field was whittled down to the top eight. To help you get in the mood to cheer them on as they go up against the Melbourne Storm this Sunday afternoon, we’ve put together a playlist of the most suitable bangers for an NQ victory.

The Skatt Brothers – Life at the Outpost

If you’ve ever been to a Cowboys home game, you would have had this song stuck in your head the entire next day – don’t deny it. It is the unofficial anthem of ‘the other mob’, and we can guarantee it will be blaring from a lot of homes come Sunday.

Banners – Into the Storm

Not only does this song predict what the Cowboys will be doing on Sunday, but it also reflects the diehard attitude of fans – following them into the storm, whether that means trekking into rival territory or paying excessive amounts for plane tickets.

King Social – Dance on Your Grave
No Cowboys playlist will ever be complete without this song now – for the simple fact that it’s by locals, sneaks in a mention of Thursto, and includes a sample of his laugh!

Paul Green – Proud Mary
Apparently the coach of the Cowboys has time to smash out a few pop classics. It wouldn’t be a Grand Final without a good pep-talk from Paul Green, so we made sure he had his say in this playlist (we swear they’re exactly the same person).

Drake – Started from the Bottom
You don’t have to be a football fan to know the Cowboys didn’t have the best start to the season: in all of those hours that news bulletins spent covering sport rather than promoting arts and culture, you would have heard about the team’s plague of injuries and steady stream of losses. They never hit the bottom of the ladder, but they came as close as you can get to missing the top eight! So the real lesson here is…

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
Just a small town team, playing on a field of dreamsssssssssss! Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the the Cowboys never give up, never say die, and don’t stop believing until well after the full time siren.

Matt Scott – Johnny’s Song
Co-captains Matt Scott and Johnathan Thurston are both ruled out of the Grand Final – but that isn’t stopping them singing about each other. There’s a few other past and present players behind the songs in the playlist, but we’ll let you find them for yourself 😉

ACDC – Thunderstruck
Arguably the most powerful spine-tingling riff to make you feel like something big is coming, this Acca Dacca classic is making us more nervous and excited than ever!

Win or lose on Sunday, the Cowboys are a team worth cheering for. They’re incredibly talented athletes, they are great ambassadors for the region and promote tourism across NQ, their community support and fan interaction is unrivalled, and they are based in the best city in Australia. Go Cowboys – we’re all rooting for you.


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