Valerie Weaves Word Magic

Internationally-acclaimed romance author Valerie Parv will bring her Story Magic workshop to Riverway on 7 October before a Romantic High Tea at Tumbetin Tea Rooms on 8 October. IMAGE: Pexels

Whether you have a full story ready to go or don’t know where to start, Townsville writers will be given a unique opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most successful romance authors this October.

Valerie Parv has sold more than 29 million copies of her books, and is set to partner with the Townsville Writers and Publishers’ Centre (TWPC) to host a one-day fiction writing workshop deconstructing five techniques for engaging readers.

Valerie said writing could be a very lonely art form, but that workshops such as this were opportunities for collaboration and discussion.

“I’m often told that I’m the first published writer someone has met – a reminder that ours is a largely solitary occupation and we need face-to-face meetings, ‘breathing the same air’ as my agent puts it, to nourish our spirits as well as our craft,” said Valerie.

“I created this workshop to help writers bring their focus back to the magic of the words we write. With so much emphasis now on marketing, social media and publishing, there’s a danger we may lose the excitement of creating virtual worlds peopled with characters readers will want to meet.

“Resources such as the Townsville Writers and Publishers’ Centre, and writers’ centres in other states, not only connect writers and publishing industry people with each other, they facilitate workshops such as this one, answer questions, often provide a professional library, and some have writing spaces for members to use.”

Following the Story Magic workshop, Valerie will be the guest of honour at TWPC’s annual Romantic High Tea.

“The idea of the Romantic High Tea is to have a relaxed meet and greet with local readers and writers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the occasional writing tip pops out. I’ve written several books on the craft of writing, most notably The Art of Romance Writing, and have a long backlist of novels and nonfiction so there’s plenty there to share,” Valerie said.

“There’s always a new book in my future. At the moment there are several, one sitting on a New York editor’s desk as we speak.”

Valerie said the options to become published are becoming broader daily.

“Writers now have many choices from traditional to indie and hybrid publishing. My top piece of advice would be to find out what’s out there, what you’re capable of doing yourself or with help, but not to feel pressured to choose any one path. Just as I tell writers there’s no one way to write, there’s no one way to publish, only what works for you.”

Master the art of fiction writing with Valerie Parv’s Story Magic workshop at Riverway Arts Centre on Saturday, 7 October. Tickets are now available via Townsville Tickets. You can then join Valerie and the TWPC at their Romantic High Tea at Tumbetin Tea Rooms on Sunday, 8 October. Tickets are also available via Townsville Tickets.

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