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Frenchy's Unleashed tour landed at the Kirwan Tavern last Friday night. IMAGE: Supplied

Feeling lonely, ladies? The talent pool on Tinder is going to improve drastically (or at least include a lot more lame pickup lines) for one night only, when Aussie comedian Ben ‘Frenchy’ French stops in next week for his Unleashed tour. We caught up with Frenchy to find out what to expect from his show, and the pickup lines he loves whipping out the most. 

How’s your tour been so far?
Yeah it’s been great! We’re two weekends down now, and it’s nice to be in front of Australian crowds again – I just did Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August where they’re a lot more reserved than Aussies.

Have you already done a bit of Googling to know the shitty Townsville suburbs to poke fun at?
No I haven’t! What have you got for me?

Well the suburb you’re performing in is pretty high on the list! Otherwise, everyone tends to go for Kelso.
Kelso, lock that in! Usually when I get to a city I vibe it out and ask a few different people about the suburbs. I only take a dig if it needs to be commented on – usually we get a few interesting characters in the crowd, so am excited to see the people and shitty suburbs Townsville’s got for me.

The Townsville stop is one of your 18+ shows and we’ve heard you get pretty filthy in it – have you ever had people walk out of your shows?
Yeah it’s so good, I love it! I was actually worried my show wasn’t filthy enough at the start of the year, but then when I was doing the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh I did six nights in a row with slow walk-outs. They’re usually older couples or families who realise in the first 10-15 minutes it isn’t the show for them, and I’m OK with that, I love that. I don’t want my comedy to be for everyone, I think that’s boring.

How’s it been, going from standup at the Woolongong pub to getting massive crowds around the country?
Mate, it was a slow ride! It is nice looking back from when I was doing shows for three and a half people to now doing this tour. It’s a lot easier to match girls on Tinder now that I’m selling a few more tickets too.

Does it make filming your videos hard, do more people recognise you?
Not really because I don’t do as much public stuff, I don’t do pranks or anything, most of my videos are skits and if I do go out in public and get people who recognise me and interrupt we just do the take again.

Best Wingman Signal Ever

Still the most useful Wingman Signal ever

Posted by Frenchy on Monday, 27 March 2017


How have you found converting those likes on social media to ticket sales at shows?
I didn’t find it too difficult because I did start off doing standup – that was my first passion and goal, so was doing five-minute spots in Sydney and really cut my teeth before people knew me. So now I have a bit of an easier time, I try to pride myself on my shows being all about even if you’ve never seen any of my videos or heard of me, you’ll have just as much fun as someone who’s seen every one.

Has this thrown any aspiration of you getting back into teaching out the window, do you think any school would ever take you on?
Well my teaching licence has been suspended, so is gunna be hard to get back into teaching – I’d have to sit a formal interview. But I realised it’s not for me anyway, I’m too selfish to be a teacher. I didn’t hate kids but didn’t care if they learnt or not which isn’t a trait a teacher should have.

So sticking with comedy for the foreseeable future?
Yeah! I’ve been living off comedy for the past three years now and have a lot of projects in the works. So will definitely be doing this until I can become a professional Tinder player – but that’s a long shot.

Speaking of Tinder, those videos of yours are always a hit! What have been some of your favourite Tinder lines?
I like really dumb ones! Like when I matched with a girl called Adele, and just asked if she was rolling … in the deep. So yeah, just ones that are so bad they’re good.

Frenchy's Stupid Tinderchats #7

The dumb Tinderchats are back!! #7

Posted by Frenchy on Wednesday, 6 September 2017


And should girls be jumping on Tinder while you’re in Townsville, will you be swiping here?
Yeah, as soon as the plane lands I’ll be swiping on the tarmac! It’s a good way to sell tickets too!

If people haven’t seen your stuff before online or on stage, what should they expect?
They should expect some rude Aussie comedy – it’s great fun but it’s definitely rude! I enjoy my wanking jokes a little too much. It’s rough but it’s a great night in. Do not sit in the front row though!

You’ve been collaborating with a few other comedians lately, do you have much else planned there?
Hopefully I get to do a bit of a longer series with a few of them, there’s a few legends I really enjoy doing videos with. I always want to do these bigger projects with them but just have to find the time.

So what’s next after this tour?
I’m dropping an album with my mate Zac [Gervaise], I’m so excited for it! A couple of years ago we did a song called Friendzone and everyone got around it – it was a lot of fun! Zac’s musically very gifted and I’m … average – below average – nah, I’m horrendous at music, but I got a few cheeky little ideas for songs, and so now we have this 14-track album coming out November – December.

Is the album just a bit of fun or aiming for an ARIA?
Nah we’re aiming for Grammys! Grammys, baby! We wanna do a collab with Pitbull and Shannon Noll – that’s our ultimate dream team.

Swipe right on Frenchy when his Unleashed tour stops at the Kirwan Tavern next Friday, 13 October. Click here for tickets.

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