Blueprint for the Future

Botanical by Dylan Morris is part of BLUEPRINT Graduate Exhibition 2017, on display at Pinnacles Gallery until 29 October 2017

James Cook University’s graduating Creative Arts and New Media students are celebrating the culmination of their studies, with the launch of BLUEPRINT: Graduate Exhibition 2017 at Pinnacles Gallery.

BLUEPRINT features a diverse range of creative works including photography, digital media, film and audio projects covering a broad range of topics, chosen by the graduating artists.

The result is an eclectic array of beauty, sadness, stillness and hope that gives a small window of insight to each artist and the way they perceive the world.

Alone by Michelle Gummow is a digital piece that reflects on the lonliness of life’s challenges and our unique struggles with even the most common hurdles.


Untitled by Bradley Figallo. These pop-arty stills find the beauty in a single, every day object.


Underwater Reflections by Eliza Fitzsimons explores the surreal art of reflective photography. Eliza makes the ordinary extraordinary.


Expressive by Narelle Delle Baite illustrates the complexity of mixed emotions through light and colour.


As well as printed works, the exhibition includes some terrific multimedia pieces, including Overcoming Obstacles, a pair short films profiling local triathletes by Chris Tsakisiris; Milo Rankin’s Golden Era and Classics, a series of soundtracks that celebrate 90s’ hip-hop; and Emily Mackie’s Medley of Europe, a quintet of musical compositions that translate Emily’s personal experience of five European cities into music.

BLUEPRINT is a thought-provoking exhibition that is sure to resonate with audiences of all kinds thanks to its varying styles and subject matter. It is a testament to each and every student, and the teaching staff at JCU, that such a high calibre of work should be on display as these artists stand at their very beginning of their careers.

BLUEPRINT is on display at Pinnacles Gallery, Riverway until 29 October 2017. 

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