Fantastical Farewell to Dawn

Tonight's Vaude in the Ville event at the Old Courthouse Theatre will be Band of Dawn's Townsville Swansong. IMAGE: Kimberley 'Dawn' Lysons by Sarah Joy Photography

The Old Courthouse Theatre will be transformed into a risque carnival as the colourful and eclectic Band of Dawn headline the Vaude in the Ville showcase tonight.

The fantastical night will see the neo-Victorian band joined by several other local creative groups, including the Woodenbong Fire Tribe, Drumbumba and Movimiento.

Band of Dawn lead singer, Kimberley ‘Dawn’ Lysons, said the event would be Townsville’s last chance to see her band perform before they hit the road and move South.

“This show is really our farewell to Townsville for the time being! I’ll be moving back down to the Southern Hinterlands and taking the music with me, so there’s no telling when I’ll next play up here,” Dawn said.

“Tonight’s vaudeville theme means the theatre will be transformed into this circus, burlesque, gypsy-caravan, mad-hatter wonderland, with a collaboration between a lot of great local groups.

“Groups like the Woodenbong Fire Tribe and Movimiento became involved because we are all friends – we’re all creatives that want to showcase each other’s skills and help out, so to have the chance to all collaborate and perform together is really exciting. That’s one of the great things about the music and arts scenes in North Queensland.

“Tickets for tonight’s show are all being run through PledgeMusic, which allows me to continue creating music and to release The Spinning Jenny Vol II, my second album.”

Catch Band of Dawn, Woodenbong Fire Tribe, Drumbumba, Movimiento, Scimitar Moon, Nomadica and more at the Old Courthouse Theatre for Vaude in the Ville tonight from 7pm. Tickets are now available here, or at the door.

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