Light and Colour

Peter Dawson's first exhibition in 30 years will open at the Drill Hall Studio this Friday night. IMAGE: Peter Dawson

“A good artwork contains its own reasons for being.”

Magnetic Island artist Peter Dawson will launch his first local exhibition this Friday, with Geoffrey Bay – Water, Light & Colour finding a home at the Drill Hall Studio until the end of November.

“The large paintings in this exhibition stem from flying over water, and the light that bounces off it – they’re a little abstract and act as cues rather than clues, to let viewers take away their own understanding,” Peter said.

“It’s not like asking a carpenter how to best hang a door – there’s so many different ways to create art, and there’s more theories on colour than recipes for scones.

“They say it takes about 30 years for an artist to get to an established level if they’re consistently producing work they’re proud of. I began painting in my teens, but got to my 30s and business took over – I couldn’t find time to do both. So I set painting to the side for a while, until I moved across the country to Magnetic Island. This will be my first exhibition in about 30 years.

“Inspiration behind art pieces is a question raised a lot, and one which I’m still not sure I have an answer for; I just paint. There’s some mornings where you get up and don’t do a damn thing, and then other days where you paint. It’s a very meditative process for me, and often I will look back and not recall actually painting pieces. I don’t attempt to reproduce scenes or landscapes – I’m more interested in colours and marks.”

Find the opening of Peter Dawson’s exhibition Geoffrey Bay – Water, Light & Colour at the Drill Hall Studio this Friday from 6:30pm. The exhibition will run until 23 November.

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