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Jacqueline Aust will host a Printmaking Collaboration workshop this weekend as part of her residency at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts

New Zealand’s Jacqueline Aust will conclude her artist residency in Townsville with a two-day workshop at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts this weekend.

The printmaker has spent the week working on her own projects, with some influence from the environment around her.

“Townsville itself hasn’t influenced my work a huge amount so far, because I’ve only really been to the Strand so far, but am working on how to reflect heat in work. That’s the thing that has most affected me since arriving here,” Jacqueline said.

“I think the thing I am taking on board here are the colours that reflect Townsville and Australia compared to the New Zealand colour palette – so in New Zealand, it’s a lot of dark greens, blues and black. Whereas here the colours to me are more these dry browns.

“Residencies are interesting things because for me, it depends hugely on the resources available: sometimes artist residencies are all about a location so you may just have a room and somewhere to stay and focus on the outside environment. For me though, being a printmaker, one of the crucial things is having things like a press and access to technicians for that support – so you’re not just putting things into your work, but learning new things technically.

“I think the other important part of this residency is that I’ll be doing a two-day workshop – I find that by teaching people things, often you’ll learn as much as you teach, which is another real positive.

“I’ve brought some work with me, because I gather people would normally talk with a powerpoint presentation, so decided to talk through my work instead, and discuss how the residency process has affected it.”

Catch Jacqueline Aust’s weekend printmaking workshops at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts on 4-5 November 2017.  Bookings for the workshops are essential.


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