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Find Dr Jonathan McBurnie's 'Dread Sovereign' at Pinnacles Gallery from 4 Nov - 28 Jan. IMAGE: Suplex (detail) by Dr Jonathan McBurnie

Pinnacles Gallery will transform into a contradictory comic cosmos over the next few months as Dr Jonathan McBurnie’s Dread Sovereign exhibition takes over the space starting this Saturday.

Jonathan said viewers will find a bit of everything in the artworks.

“Audiences should expect love and death; silliness and sincerity; drama and melodrama; and complete visual saturation and anarchy. There’ll be between 1,500-2,500 works all competing for your attention at the same time. There will also be a film playing – the only film I’ve ever made – as well as a reading station with some of my old zines and comics, and hopefully a few wall drawings too,” said Jonathan.

The exhibition will make fun of itself not just in the artwork, but in the descriptions accompanying each piece.

Previous works by Dr Jonathan McBurnie on display IMAGE: Supplied

“Usually when you go to an exhibition and read a didactic panel, there’s several paragraphs you’re supposed to get through to better understand an artwork. I think that’s a very silly idea in that an artwork should be able to stand on its own two feet, so I started putting reviews of my work into Google Translate, changing them to Japanese and back to garble the sentences a bit.

“In a funny way, they start to make more sense and become better artist statements. That’s where mine came from, and is also how I created subtitles for the film playing.

“That name Dread Sovereign is like the show: on one hand it’s quite serious and political, but on the other it’s making fun of itself and satirical. A lot of my work has that double-sided nature to it; a lot of it is very serious and sometimes in the same breath making fun of itself or me, our world and society.

“There will also be a few family workshops throughout the course of this exhibition, and a colouring in book featuring my work which I’m really excited about: I’ve never had a colouring in book before and would do this just for the colouring in book alone, so everything else is a bonus.”

Delve into Dr Jonathan McBurnie’s Dread Sovereign at Pinnacles Gallery from 4 November – 28 January. For updates on exhibition workshops, visit the Pinnacles Gallery Facebook page.

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