A Feather in the Cap for Margaret and Lynn

Margaret Robertson and Lynn Scott-Cummings' 'Fur, Feathers and Scales' will be on display at Gallery 48 until 24 December 2017.

When two local artists are united by a shared love for printmaking and wildlife watching, there are no prizes for guessing what a joint exhibition might entail.

Yep. All things furred, feathered and scaled!

Margaret Robertson and Lynn Scott-Cumming currently have a large body of combined works on display at the quaint Gallery 48 on the Strand. Tucked beneath the Banyan Figs and behind a frangipani tree, where they’re serenaded by a winsome Storm Bird, seems the perfect place for an exhibition that celebrates the cute and not-so-cuddly creatures that have inspired Margaret and Lynn’s prints.

While the two artists have collaborated on larger group exhibitions in the past, this is the first time they’ve shared the spotlight as part of a main exhibition.

‘From My Lookout’, Hand-coloured Linocut by Margaret Robertson

Margaret said the shared show, was a natural fit.

“We work well together, we sort of have the same subject and interests – we just find inspiration where we find it. Lynn goes out a lot more than I do and explores a lot more – I love to do that too, but I love what’s just around me as well,”Margaret said.

“Most of my work is based on the immediate environment, so a lot of [the animals] that are in this exhibition are in my own backyard; it’s wildlife that I encounter straight up, as I walk outside.”

While both Margaret and Lynn are well-known for their work depicting birds, Lynn said she enjoyed the opportunity to stretch her wing-span and look at other North Queensland wildlife as well.

“I guess we were both working with birds quite a bit, doing images of birds because they’re what’s around us all the time; but you can’t do all birds, it gets boring, so we moved on,” Lynn said.

“I work from photos. I go out into the environment and I have a camera with 60x zoom on it so, for example with the crocodiles, which were taken at Billabong Sanctuary, I was able to get up really close to get good images of the eyes. Generally I like to work from photos, I mean animals just never sit still! A cat can be sound asleep, you pick up a pencil and off it goes.”

‘Ducks & Lotus’ Drypoint on acetate, hand-coloured by Lynn Scott-Cummings

While Margaret and Lynn are both passionate about what they do for the  sheer intrinsic enjoyment they get from watching and re-creating wildlife; there’s also an important element of conservation to their work

“I think basically [work inspired by the environment] makes people more aware of what is out there, in terms of different species,” said Lynn. “It’s about teaching people what’s out there. It’s marvellous.”

Catch Fur, Feathers and Scales at Gallery 48 The Strand until 24 December 2018. Gallery 48 is open 12-5pm Wednesdays and Saturdays, or by appointment. 



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