Loona’s Lilith Celebration

Local musician Kee'ahn will join a phenomenal lineup of some of Townsville's emerging and professional female musicians at the Loona Lounge's Lilith Fair edition this Friday night. IMAGE: Liam O'Kane

Local musician Kee’ahn Bin Dol has been singing for as long as she can remember. It’s something she grew up with, and – in what we’re sure is no accident – is named after.

“It’s a good coincidence I was given the name I have, because it is an Aboriginal Arnhem Land word meaning to sing, to dance and to create,” Kee’ahn said.

“Since I was little I’ve been passionate about singing. My dad used to do a lot of church singing, and gigging as well. He taught me how to play guitar and my passion’s grown from there. I’ve always loved doing it but have gone off to try different things in between, and the passion for music has always stayed there so have always come back to it and look forward to doing it at the end of the day.”

Kee’ahn will join other local performers Nicole Cross, Laura Nell, Matilda Duncan, Kathy Cornwall and a duo of SugaLu and KC for a Loona Lounge take on Lilith Fair this Friday night – an event concept launched by Canadian Sarah McLachlan in the 90s after radio stations and festival organisers were unwilling to feature two female musicians in a row.

It was a controversial concept at the time, but McLachlan persevered and toured successfully with Paula Cole in 1996 – which lead to the first Lilith Fair tour with an all-female lineup in 1997 being the top-grossing touring festival that year. The history of Lilith Fair was part of the local event’s appeal for Kee’ahn.

“I think helping marginalised groups is something I’ve grown up passionate about; and activism and music can be so powerful together,” Kee’ahn said.

“For me, Lilith Fair does have that element of activism about it which is why I was so excited to be asked to be involved in the Loona Lounge version – I think it’s a great way to represent women in music because it is a bit of a boys’ club I guess. Every year Triple J do their Girls to the Front initiative on International Women’s Day and those statistics really highlight the inequality between men and women in music. It’s really cool to be a part of something like Lilith Fair and I love the diverse range of local women from different cultures and ages, from all walks of life and experiences that will be performing.”

Event organiser and performer Lu Dulvarie (SugaLu) said the event came at a perfect time.

“We thought this would be a lovely way to finish Loona Lounge for the year. I loved the concept of Lilith in the 90s, and seeing so many wonderful female up-and-coming as well as established recorded artists in Townsville has allowed for a wonderful lineup,” Lu said.

“The original Lilith Fair donated to charity, which we will also be doing, and have chosen the Townsville Women’s Centre. There is no door charge – artists will still be paid for their performances – but we are also welcoming donations on the night.”

Catch local musicians Kee’ahn, Nicole Cross, Laura Nell, Matilda Duncan, Kathy Cornwall, SugaLu and KC (minus her Moonlight Band) for the Loona Lounge’s final event of the year, Lilith Fair, at the Commonwealth Hotel this Friday night from 6:30pm. For more information, click here.

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